Korean student visits with retired teachers

By Audrey Lesmeister, Travis Svihovec

The Oahe Area Retired Teachers were introduced to a South Korean exchange student when the group held their January meeting Thursday at the Mobridge Senior Center.

Kevin Min, who lives with Brian and Dee Dee Begeman near Selby, said he attends school for 12 hours a day. There is physical punishment for falling asleep in class. They have a one-hour lunch break during which they play soccer, his favorite sport. Min said a person can get a driver’s license at the age of 19, it is illegal to own a gun, and every man has to go to the army for two years at age 22.

Grandparent essay contest rules are being delivered to Selby Area and Mobridge-Pollock fifth-grade teachers. Essays must be returned to Carolyn Paulson by Feb. 10.

The computers acquired through the Targeted Community project have been delivered to the senior center and Klein Museum. Jim and Marilyn Schlekeway volunteered to go to Pierre on Jan. 31 to request the additional funding.

The cemetery directory buildings are nearing completion and work is being done to find the right material for the directory covers.

A sign-up sheet was circulated for workers at the children’s theater during the week of Jan. 23. The project is titled “Imagine Nation” and will be presented at the middle school theater.

The next meeting is Feb. 9 at the senior center.

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