Incident locks down MP schools


Students and teachers at the Mobridge-Pollock School District had a bit of a scare just before noon on Monday as a Code Black lock-down situation occurred at the high school.

At about 11:30 a.m. a person carrying what looked like a shotgun was spotted crossing the parking lot of Mobridge-Pollock High School and going into the CTE building located east of the high school.

Law enforcement was alerted and were on the scene in less than two minutes. The schools were locked down as a precautionary measure.

The officers investigated the situation and found the long piece of metal a student had taken out of his vehicle to the CTE building.

After the officers determined that no one was in danger, the administration lifted the lock- down.

“The Mobridge-Pollock staff, students and the Mobridge Police Department did an exceptional job during the Code Black lock-down situation this past Monday,” said Superintendent Tim Frederick. “The training that we have done in the past most certainly helped all in understanding the significance of following the protocols during an event like this.”

The following statement by Mobridge Police Captain Al Bohle was released on Tuesday, March 25:

“North Central Regional 911 Dispatch Center received a 911 call from an individual at the Mobridge-Pollock High School reporting a tall younger looking individual carrying a rifle into the welding/wood working building.

The Mobridge Police as well as Walworth and Corson County Sheriffs departments immediately responded into strategic locations on the school property.

The officers made entry into the building where they discovered a teacher and students. Those individuals were held in that location until the building was searched and declared safe. The teacher and students were briefly interviewed to determine the reason for the call.

It was determined that one of the students went to his vehicle to retrieve a piece of metal that he was using on his project. Witnesses observed that individual carrying the long black piece of metal while walking with his hood over his head; witnesses were unable to recognize him as a student.

The Mobridge Police Department and North Central 911 Dispatch Center are satisfied with the way this situation was handled. We have trained for similar situations, however with each situation being different you never know how prepared your department actually is.”



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