JAY DAVIS: Hard to believe spring sports just one week away


There is an old saying about March going out like a certain meek animal. Well, that sheep had some this year.

Believe it or not, the first track meet of the year, the Mobridge-Pollock Early Bird, is scheduled for next Thursday, April 10. Back a few years ago, just getting the Early Bird in was a win over Mother Nature. That hasn’t been the case lately. The last Early Bird to go by the wayside because of bad weather was in 2009. Looking at the weather forecast, after the possibility of a couple more inches of snow tonight, the weather should be fine for next Thursday. The daily temperatures are going to starting hitting the 50s over the weekend and should be in the 60s for the track meet.

That means the weather should be even better in Chamberlain on Thursday when the Lady Tigers are scheduled to compete in the Big Dakota Conference Golf Meet.

Take a look out your window and realize the annual Mobridge-Pollock Invitational Golf Tournament is just three weeks away.

The longest winter is almost over. Spring will be in the air soon. Let’s just hope that when it does, it hangs around for a while.

Monday should have been a national holiday, but it wasn’t. Major League Baseball’s opening day needs better distinction. But when you start the shindig at noon on Monday, the world has to work. Unless, of course, a blizzard hits town late in the morning. As it was, I got to see the Cubs and Twins while they were each tied for the division lead. By the end of each of their games, the respective clubs were tied for last in their divisions. Unfortunately, this is going to be an ugly summer in the Windy City and in the Twin Cities. Most of the experts have the Cubs and Twins picked as two of the worst teams in baseball this year. There is a caveat. Both teams have minor leagues systems with a ton of young talent that should be moving up to the big leagues later this year and early next year. The teams’ 2014 seasons should be the bottom of the barrel and both could be legitimate contenders as early as 2015.


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