Voters approve pool bond; City will take necessary steps to get started


Mobridge voters passed a bond issue on Tuesday, April 8, which will fund a new swimming pool for the community.

In a close vote with 44 percent of the eligible voters casting a ballot, 512 people voted for the project with 451 voting against it.

In the Mobridge-Pollock School Board election, Incumbent Harry “Bingo” Kindt retained his seat on the board. Challenger Jay Shillingstad squeaked by incumbent Todd Wagner by 12 votes, 588 to 576 votes, to win a seat on the board.

In the city election 53.1 percent of the voter who cast ballots were in favor of the pool project, with 46.7 percent voting against it. Of the 2,334 registered voters in the city, 965 cast ballots in yesterday’s election. That is 44 percent of the active voters in Mobridge.

The pool vote means the project can be bid in the coming weeks and work can begin as soon as possible. The project should be completed and the new pool opened in the summer of 2015.

Mobridge Outdoor Pool Committee member Val Ford said Tuesday night the group was relieved the measure had passed, but knows their work is not done.

“We are so appreciative to the community who has supported us to this end,” she said. “We will continue to work to raise funding so we can lessen the amount of the yearly payment.”

Mayor Jamie Dietterle said Wednesday morning that he has already spoken to area residents who have now stepped forward to pledge funding because the new pool is a reality.

“We have a pool committee and city council that is dedicated to helping members of this community by making their yearly commitments to pay for the project as low as we can,” he said. “That has been the committee and the city’s pledge from the beginning and we are going to stand by that.”

Dietterle said the commitment of members of the community who will have to sacrifice more is something of which he and other residents of Mobridge are proud.

“This is not going to be easy for some people who are on a fixed income. For them to make that sacrifice says they care what happens to Mobridge,” he said. “Hopefully, we can get the project paid for sooner to ease that burden.”

With the city’s commitment of $50,000 a year and more than $500,000 in pledges and donations so far, the yearly burden on the taxpayer will be less than the $200,000 yearly payment each year.

“I am so proud of what the committee has done so far,” said Dietterle. “They are volunteers who have spent many, many hours on this project. They are mothers and fathers who are dedicated to making this community a great place to live and raise children.”

The Mobridge City Council will hold a special meeting on Thursday, April 10, at noon. They will canvas the election vote and approve the advertisement for bids for the project.

In the election for two seats on the Mobridge-Pollock District Board of Education, a new member will take a seat at the July meeting as Shillingstad of Mobridge will replace Wagner on the board.

In Mobridge, voters cast 585 ballots for Kindt, 554 for Shillingstad and 545 for Wagner. In Pollock there were 22 votes for Kindt, 22 for Wagner and 18 for Shillingstad. In Mound City, Kindt received one vote, Wagner 9 votes and Shillingstad 16.

“I am thankful to the people of the district for having faith in what we are doing,” said Kindt on Wednesday. “They have been very supportive of education and that says a lot for our communities.”

In Mobridge, 39.6 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the school board election. In Pollock, 11 percent went to the polls and 20.2 percent of voters in Mound City voted.

Mobridge-Pollock Superintendent Tim Frederick said a member with Shillingstad’s knowledge in education will be an asset to the district.

“First I would just like to thank Todd Wagner for his years of service to the Mobridge-Pollock School District. It is my opinion that Todd has been a significant board member in helping us to become a school that is financially sound while expanding the CTE programs and technology within the school,” he said. “I also would like to congratulate Bingo Kindt and Jay Shillingstad. As we know, Bingo is a board member that keeps the focus on the student body. He has been such a key player in us moving forward with facilities and program development. We welcome Jay to the Mobridge-Pollock School Board. Jay grew up in Mobridge and understands the issues that we deal with on a day-to- day basis. His knowledge will be a valuable asset as we strive to meet the challenges of improving student achievement levels. “

– Katie Zerr – 


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