Council approves pool project, lets bids


At a special meeting Thursday, April 10, the Mobridge City Council began the process of getting a new outdoor swimming pool built in Mobridge.

The first step included officially canvassing election results from Tuesday, April 8.

The council approved official canvassers of the election to be the four council members at the meeting; Randy Carlson, Tom O’Connell, Amy Cerney and Gene Cox. Rose Henderson was included in the meeting via the phone, but could not be an official canvasser.

Mobridge City Attorney Rick Cain counted the initial tally sheet and found a discrepancy in the number of “yes” votes (in favor of the project), prompting a hand recount of the ballots.

The council members recounted the ballots, which equaled 512, as was recorded as the official count.

The council then accepted the vote as official.

The council also approved advertising for bids on the project. Mobridge City Administrator Steve Gasser told the group Toby Morris of Dougherty & Company LLC, was currently working on securing the funding and Helms and Associates of Aberdeen would be ready with specs by Tuesday, April 15.

Gasser told the council the project could possibly be completed in four months, but the tentative opening date for the new pool would be June 1, 2015.

Mayor Jamie Dietterle said people who had not yet made pledges because the project had not been approved had been stepping forward with their pledges since the election. He said he would like to see the project paid in full before the 20-year bond period.

Pool Committee member Kent Mauck told the council that negative remarks being made to committee members since the election are ill placed.

“Our number one mission was to get the issue passed,” he told the group. “Our number two mission is to shrink the burden of the taxpayer. We want to make this as painless as we can for the taxpayer.”

He said the committee was not the enemy of the voters who were against the project, but should be considered allies.

“They shouldn’t be calling and bad-mouthing the people who are on this committee. They are helping the taxpayers out,” he said. “We will be raising more funds in the future.”

The council also approved Gene Cox as the council representative to the Walworth County Board of Equalization.

– Katie Zerr –



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