Council approves resolution for bonds


The Mobridge City Council approved a resolution that will move the city one step closer to beginning the outdoor pool project.

In approving Resolution 14-09, the council approves the ground lease and lease agreement related to the swimming pool. That means bond holders (bonds will fund the pool) will own the pool until the bond is paid in full. It is a legal step that protects the bondholders if for some reason in the next 20 years, the City of Mobridge should fail to meet their annual payment of the bond.

Now the bond financing can move forward with the necessary 20-day publishing period before the bonds are issued.

The council tabled any further discussion of the pool project until further work on project costs (see pool bids story) is completed. The council will hold a special meeting to accept a bid when the bids are in line with the estimated costs and the funding available for the project.


Phansteil building

Suzanne Albers met with the council to request 60days in order for Rhett Albers, who owns the Phanstiel apartment building, to either submit to the council a plan for repair and renovation or demolition. At the May 7 council meeting, the board had voted to move forward with legal action against Rhett Albers, who had done nothing to the building even after discussion with the city in the past.

Suzanne Albers said her husband had contacted a contractor who is willing to patch the roof and repair and close the back entry to eliminate any danger to the community. She said an engineer had been through the building a couple of years ago and said the brick structure was stable.

Ward III Councilman Randy Carlson asked if anyone had checked the structure recently.

“We have had a lot of rain the past couple of years and things have deteriorated,” he told Albers. She replied she was going by the engineer’s report that is several years old.

She told the council the 60 days would give the owners time to list the building on several websites to see if they can sell it.

Ward III Councilman Gene Cox said he was hesitant to grant any more time to the Albers because this is an ongoing problem. He said he would be more open to the extra time if Rhett Albers had responded to an email Cox had sent in the past concerning grant funding for rehabbing the building into livable space.

He said nothing had come of the information he had sent Albers.

“We need rental properties in Mobridge but we are not willing to wait three or four more years and have the different council dealing with this same issue,” Mayor Jamie Dietterle told Albers.

Council members Amy Cerney and Rose Henderson said they thought it was in the city’s best interest to have the owner demolish the building. Carlson said if the council allows the owners 60 more days, it is something they must stick to and take action if the Albers fail to present a viable plan and follow through.

Albers told the council if they would grant the 60-day extension they would present a plan to the council at the Aug. 4 meeting.

The council approved allowing the 60-day extension and attorney Rick Cain said he would hold off moving forward with legal action.

Michele Harrison informed the council that she had researched grant funding for renovation or demolition of buildings such as the Phanstiel, but could not find anything that fit the requirements. She did, however, find some funding for environmental issues, such as removal of asbestos. Albers said they would look into that option for assistance in cleaning up hazard materials.


Fischer commendation

Mobridge Police Chief Justin Jungwirth presented a certificate of commendation to E911 Emergency Operator Tammy Fischer for her professional handling of a very stressful situation that occurred in Corson County this winter.

Fischer coordinated emergency services to respond to a residence outside of McIntosh where two children were in distress. Corson County Sheriff Keith Gall recommended that Fischer be acknowledged for her poise and professionalism in the heat of the situation.

Dietterle told Fischer the residents of the city appreciate what the dispatchers do for the community and that she well deserved the recognition.

– Katie Zerr –


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