Three local juveniles steal, damage bus


Three local juveniles are facing charges after taking a bus for a joyride Friday, May 23, and doing approximately $1,000 damage to the vehicle.

According to Mobridge Police Captain Al Bohle, at 7:26 p.m. dispatchers began to receive calls from motorists on U.S. Highway 12, east of Mobridge reporting the bus was traveling eastbound and was being driven in an erratic manner.

At one time, near Tower Hill, the bus was nearly sideways on the highway, with the front tires in the ditch. A motorist pulled over to see if he could assist in any way and was nearly run over when the driver backed the bus up and returned it to the road.

The vehicle traveled a short distance on the highway before the driver turned the bus onto an approach and the three juveniles exited the bus and began running.

Officers found the kids a short distance from where they had parked the bus.

The three local juveniles, ages 8, 10 and 12, all from one family, had been in the bus for some time before they drove off from the lot at Central Diesel, according to Bohle. He said they damaged the interior of the bus and in doing so, must have come across the keys that were hidden somewhere in the vehicle. He said the kids also damaged other vehicles at Central Diesel. He said the driver had locked up the wheels of the bus, causing damage to the tires.

The 1991 Ford bus is owned by Dale Duenwald of Hoven and is used in training individuals who want to obtain their CDL class licenses.

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