Lady Tigers win Region 6A track title


By Jay Davis

Maranda Wagner starts the anchor leg of the 400-meter relay after getting the baton from Kayla Schneider. All five Lady Tiger relay teams qualified for state at the Region 6A Track and Field Meet in Chamberlain on Thursday.

Maranda Wagner starts the anchor leg of the 400-meter relay after getting the baton from Kayla Schneider. All five Lady Tiger relay teams qualified for state at the Region 6A Track and Field Meet in Chamberlain on Thursday.

The Lady Tigers had the biggest day of their season, winning the Region 6A Track and Field Meet at Chamberlain on Thursday.
The Lady Tigers racked up nine region titles and nine more second-place finishes while piling up 175 points. Second- and third-place teams Chamberlain and Winner scored 125 and 120, respectively.
“I’m impressed,” said coach Marty Looyenga. “The girls stepped up big time. We beat three quality programs.”
After heading to the region with only Steph Gemar (discus and shot put) qualified for state, the Lady Tigers now have a 15-member team that will compete in every event except the pole vault and two hurdle races.
“I don’t know when the last time that was,” said Looyenga.
Gemar led the way by sweeping the throwing events. She won the discus at 126 feet, five inches and the shot put at 36-5.5. The defending state discus champion heads to state as the number one seed and has moved into contention in shot put as the number five seed.
Grace Wollman won a pair of titles, winning the 200-meter and 400-meter dashes. Wollman ranthe 200 at 27.99 seconds. Fellow Lady Tiger Kayla Schneider will join her at state after running a 28.94 and taking second. Wollman won the 400 with a time of 1:03.42.
Alexa Schaefbauer won the long jump title, going 15-1.75. She added to her day by taking second in the triple jump and 100-meter dash.
Lauren Henderson and Brandi Martian had a 1-2 finish in the high jump. Henderson won and Martian took second as both girls cleared 4-9.
Keely Moriarty took advantage of a small field to win the 800-meter at 2:52.15.
All five Lady Tiger relay teams qualified for state, led by the region-winning 800-meter and 3200-meter relay teams. Schaefbauer, Schneider, Wollman and Cass Heumiller teamed to win the 800 at 1:51.97. Moriarty, Henderson, Becca Martin and ReAnne Kohlus won the 3200 at 10:57.66.
The 400-meter, 1600-meter and medley teams took second. Schneider, Autumn Schlomer, Aryn Looyenga and Maranda Wagner ran the 400. Heumiller, Martin, Wollman and Ashton Wiederholt ran the 1600. The medley team was Wagner, Schlomer, Heumiller and Henderson.
A pair of girls made it to state with second-place finishes. Kohlus took second in the 3200, while Madison Eisemann, an eighth-grader in her first varsity race, took second in the 1600.
The Lady Tigers added to their point total with girls who placed but did not qualify for state. Schlomer took third in the high jump. Tanja Moser placed fifth in the 300-meter hurdles and sixth in the 100-meter hurdles. Martian took fifth in the long jump and Sam Good Shield took fifth in the triple jump.
“When the season started we didn’t know what he had,” said Looyenga. “I think we got some things nailed down.”

The Tigers had their team nearly in place before the region meet even started.
The boys won four relay races and finished in third place. Winner won the region with 157 points. Miller scored 144 and the Tigers scored 92.
Looyenga said the Tigers could have been a factor in the point standings, but he was not going to break up relay teams just to score more points. He added that even though three teams had already qualified for state, the continuity of the teams was more important than adding to the region point total.
With that said, the Tigers dominated the 6A relay races, winning the 400-meter, 800-meter, 1600-meter and medley.
Conner Stoick, Mitch Heumiller, Mason Keller and Austin Borah won the 400 at 45.14. Heumiller, Keller, Borah and Jason Hill won the 800 at 1:32.34 and the 1600 at 3:35.65. Stoick, Heumiller, Keller and Hill won the medley at 3:55.57.
Looyenga said he does not think he has seen the best of the Tiger relay teams. They were not pushed on Thursday as all four wins were by two or more seconds.
“We run our best when we’re pushed,” said Looyenga. “I’m anxious to see what the boys can do.”
Three Tigers placed second in individual events.
Borah finished second in the 400. He ran a 51.7 with Nathan Galbraith of Winner running a 51.46.
Gary Wollman ran a 2:10.78 for second in the 800. Race winner Coleton Schuyler of Winner ran a 2:04.8.
Carson Keller gave the Tigers an eighth-grader on each squad when he took second in the shot put. Keller went 44-10 with Brendon Harter of Winner throwing 46-4.5. He added a third-place finish in the discus.
The Tigers brought home more hardware. Hill took third in the long jump and Aaron Jacobs took third in the 3200. Stoick took fifth in the 100 and 200. The 3200-meter relay team took fifth. The Tigers took sixth four times with Jaidon Sjomeling in the 800, Justin Nobles in the 3200, Dalton Martian in the 300-meter hurdles and Jesse Nobles in the triple jump.
The 22-member state team will compete on Friday and Saturday in the Class A State Track and Field Meet. Friday’s meet will be at Trojan Field in Madison. On Saturday, Class A will converge with Class AA and Class B for the State Track and Field Meet at Howard Wood Field in Sioux Falls.

Region 6A Track and Field Meet
Boys Division
Team Scores: Winner 157, Miller 144, Mobridge-Pollock 92, Chamberlain 85, Crow Creek 50, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 18.

100-Meter Dash: 1. Devon Grant, Crow Creek, 11.28; 2. Sean Bice, Winner, 11.43; 3. Anthony Fontenot, Crow Creek, 11.75; 4. Nick Hossle, Winner, 11.82; 5. Conner Stoick, Mobridge-Pollock, 12.09; 6. Trevor Bad Warrior, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 12.33.

200-Meter Dash: 1. Hudson Priebe, Chamberlain, 22.89; 2. Sean Bice, Winner, 23.14; 3.  Anthony Fontenot, Crow Creek, 23.62; 4. Jarek Kindle, Miller, 24.32; 5. Conner Stoick, Mobridge-Pollock, 24.83; 6. Cameron Kuil, Winner, 25.14.

400-Meter Dash: 1. Nathan Galbraith, Winner, 51.46; 2. Austin Borah, Mobridge-Pollock, 51.7; 3. Cameron Kuil, Winner, 54.55; 4. Rich Marone, Chamberlain, 55.59; 5. Henry Mullaney, Miller, 56.32; 6. Trevor Bertram, Winner, 57.13.

800-Meter Run: 1. Coleton Schuyler, Winner, 2:04.8; 2. Gary Wollman, Mobridge-Pollock, 2:10.78; 3. Lucas Simpson, Miller, 2:14.23; 4. Dillon Jacoby, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 2:16.65; 5. Parker Evans, Chamberlain, 2:16.7; 6. Jaidon Sjomeling, Mobridge-Pollock, 2:17.27.

1600-Meter Run: 1. Cole Sargent, Miller, 4:49.81; 3. Dillon Jacoby, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 4:50.46; 4. Mason Breitling, Miller, 4:56.8; 5. Morgan Hauke, Chamberlain, 5:05.05; 6. Trey Waldrop, Miller, 5:09.39.

3200-Meter Run: 1. Cole Sargent, Miller, 11:02.68; 2. Chris Comes Flying, Crow Creek, 11:14.66; 3. Aaron Jacobs, Mobridge-Pollock, 11:37.03; 4. Hunter Russell, Miller, 12:12.5; 5. Trey Skunk, Crow Creek, 12:50.48; 6. Justin Nobles, Mobridge-Pollock, 13:04.11.

110-Meter Hurdles: 1. Hudson Priebe, Chamberlain, 15.09 (meet record, old record, 15.1, Brandon Priebe, 2007, Hudson Priebe, 2012); 2. Carter Kindle, Miller, 16.68; 3. Tyrel Haley, Winner, 17.14; 4. Sam Naasz, Winner, 18.41; 5. Jaren Wharton, Miller, 19.53; 6. Sky Hale, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 22.12.

300-Meter Hurdles: 1. Hudson Priebe, Chamberlain, 40.33; 2. Tiegen Priebe, Chamberlain, 42.01; 3. Sam Naasz, Winner, 44.6; 4. Tyrel Haley, Winner, 45.32; 5. Windsor Barry, Winner, 46.28; 6. Dalton Martian, Mobridge-Pollock, 47.34.

4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Mobridge-Pollock (Conner Stoick, Mitch Heumiller, Mason Keller, Austin Borah), 45.14; 2. Winner (Sean Bice, Tyrel Haley, Sam Naasz, Nick Hossle), 47.09; 3. Miller, 47.35; 4. Crow Creek, 47.65; 5. Chamberlain, 54.14.

8×200-Meter Relay: 1. Mobridge-Pollock (Mitch Heumiller, Mason Keller, Austin Borah, Jason Hill), 1:32.34; 2. Winner (Sean Bice, Tyrel Haley, Latrell Terkleson, Nathan Galbraith), 1:34.25; 3. Chamberlain, 1:42.2; 4. Miller, 1:44.44.

4×400-Meter Relay: 1. Mobridge-Pollock (Mitch Heumiller, Jason Hill, Mason Keller, Austin Borah), 3:35.65; 2. Winner (Coleton Schuyler, Sam Naasz, Latrett Terkleson, Nathan Galbraith), 3:39.93; 3. Chamberlain, 3:52.29; 4. Miller, 3:56.85.

4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Miller (Mason Breitling, Trey Waldrop, Beau Keeter, Cole Sargent), 8:43.74; 2. Chamberlain (Jacob Lacota, Morgan Hauke, Parker Evans, Jacob Lopez), 8:50.24; 3. Winner, 8:50.24; 4. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 9:13.32; 5. Mobridge-Pollock (Gary Wollman, Aaron Jacobs, Justin Nobles, Jaidon Sjomeling), 9:34.15.

1600-Meter Sprint Medley Relay: 1. Mobridge-Pollock (Conner Stoick, Mitch Heumiller, Mason Keller, Jason Hill), 3:55.57; 2. Miller (Carter Kindle, Jacob Heezen, Beau Keeter, Mason Breitling), 3:57.83; 3. Crow Creek, 4:07.51; 4. Winner, 4:25.44; 5. Chamberlain, 4:37.17.

High Jump: 1. Kayleb Brozik, Winner, 5-6; 2. Cody Bevers, Miller, 5-4; 3. Garrett Knox, Miller, 4-10; 4. Evan Steers, Miller, 4-8.

Long Jump: 1. Hudson Priebe, Chamberlain, 20-4.5; 2. Devon Grant, Crow Creek, 20-4.5; 3. Jason Hill, Mobridge-Pollock, 19-1.5; 4. Jarek Kindle, Miller, 18-10; 5. Tiegen Priebe, Chamberlain, 18-6.5; 6. Nick Hossle, Winner, 17-8.5.

Triple Jump: 1. Windsor Barry, Winner, 38-6.75; 2. Jarek Kindle, Miller, 37-11.5; 3. Carter Kindle, Miller, 37-9.75; 4. Drew DeMers, Winner, 35-4.5; 5. Isaac Naasz, Winner, 33-3.25; 6. Jesse Nobles, Mobridge-Pollock, 32-1.25.

Shot Put: 1. Brendan Harter, Winner, 46-4.5; 2. Carson Keller, Mobridge-Pollock, 44-10; 3. Christopher Kaufman, Miller, 40-11.5; 4. Kelly Kidwiler, Winner, 40-2.5; 5. Jake Freemark, Miller, 39-1; 6. Trevor Sachtjen, Winner, 38-5.

Discus: 1. Brendan Harter, Winner, 139-5; 2. Marshall Johnson, Miller, 133-0; 3. Carson Keller, Mobridge-Pollock, 115-9; 4. Nick Ortmeier, Miller, 115-4; 5. Jeremy Coss, Miller, 114-4; 6. John Kludt, Winner, 111-7.

Girls Division
Team Scores: Mobridge-Pollock 177, Chamberlain 125, Winner 120, Miller 72, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 31.

100-Meter Dash: 1. Kylie Bertram, Chamberlain, 14.01; 2. Alexa Schaefbauer, 14.19; 3. Shaley Werdel, Miller, 14.32; 4. Rachel Sherman, Winner, 14-39; 5. Taylor Sharping, Chamberlain, 14.51; 6. Tynia Zeman, Chamberlain, 14.76.

200-Meter Dash: 1. Grace Wollman, Mobridge-Pollock, 27.99; 2. Kayla Schneider, Mobridge-Pollock, 28.94; 3. Kyle Horstman, Winner, 29.07; 4. Avany Long, Chamberlain, 29.65; 5. Maisey Fees-Spellman, Chamberlain, 30.1; 6. Allison Hasart, Miller, 30.79.

400-Meter Dash: 1. Grace Wollman, Mobridge-Pollock, 1:03.42; 2. Destiny Beautiful Bald Eagle, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 1:04.78; 3. Maisey Fees-Spellman, Chamberlain, 1:06.82; 4. Alexis Richey, Winner, 1:07.28; 5. Megan Fiala, Miller, 1:08.9; 6. Ashton Wiederholt, Mobridge-Pollock, 1:10.14.

800-Meter Run: 1. Keely Moriarty, Mobridge-Pollock, 2:52.15; 2. Tiffany Swanson, Chamberlain, 2:56.85; 3. Anna Byers, Chamberlain, 2:57.77.

1600-Meter Run: 1. Chloe Bartels, Winner, 5:50.53; 2. Madison Eisemann, Mobridge-Pollock, 6:03.78; 3. Anny Byers, Chamberlain, 6:11.75; 4. Ranger Gunville, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 6:26.43; 5. Xandria Norris, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 6:27.01; 6. Tori Jensen, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 7:09.72.

3200-Meter Run: 1. Chloe Bartels, Winner, 13:17.01; 3. ReAnne Kohlus, Mobridge-Pollock, 13:51.67; 3. Hanna LaCompte, Winner, 14:41.77; 4. Demi Lends His Horse, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 17:43.41.

100-Meter Hurdles: 1. Katie Mathis, Winner, 16.43; 2. Shae Knox, Miller, 18.1; 3. Sierra Kenobbie, Chamberlain, 18.39; 4. Avany Long, Chamberlain, 18.5; 5. Ciara Hough, Chamberlain, 18.66; 6. Tanja Moser, Mobridge-Pollock, 20.91.

300-Meter Hurdles: 1. Sierra Kenobbie, Chamberlain, 52.22; 2. Avany Long, Chamberlain, 53.59; 3. Skyler Vandenhul, Winner, 53.97; 4. Shae Knox, Miller, 55.9; 5. Tanja Moser, Mobridge-Pollock, 56.42; 6. Kassie Schefers, Miller, 59.75.

4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Miller (Shaley Werdel, Allison Hasart, Megan Fiala, Shae Knox), 55.13; 2. Mobridge-Pollock (Autumn Schlomer, Aryn Looyenga, Kayla Schneider, Maranda Wagner), 55.73; 3. Chamberlain, 55.82; 4. Winner, 1:00.96.

4×200-Meter Relay: 1. Mobridge-Pollock (Alexa Schaefbauer, Cass Heumiller, Kayla Schneider, Grace Wollman), 1:51.97; 2. Winner (Rachel Sherman, Kyle Horstman, Katie Mathis, Samantha Schuyler), 1:56.63; 3. Chamberlain, 2:00.65; 4. Miller, 2:01.07.

4×400-Meter Relay: 1. Winner (Katie Mathis, Kylie Horstman, Samantha Schuyler, Chloe Bartels), 4:25.89; 2. Mobridge-Pollock (Cass Heumiller, Becca Martin, Ashton Wiederholt, Grace Wollman), 4:30.43; 3. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 5:06.53; 4. Miller, 5:11.46.

4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Mobridge-Pollock (Becca Martin, ReAnne Kohlus, Keely Moriarty, Lauren Henderson), 10:57.66; 2. Winner (Alexis Richey, Sydney Schuyler, Hanna LaCompte, Samantah Schuyler), 11:13.54; 3. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 11:23.96; 4. Chamberlain, 11:34.66.

1600-Meter Sprint Medley Relay: 1. Winner (Kyle Horstman, Katie Mathis, Samantha Schuyler, Chloe Bartels), 4:29.71; 3. Mobridge-Pollock (Maranda Wagner, Autumn Schlomer, Cass Heumiller, Lauren Henderson), 4:49.81; 3. Miller, 5:33.47.

High Jump: 1. Lauren Henderson, Mobridge-Pollock, 4-9; 2. Brandi Martian, 4-9; 3. Autumn Schlomer, Mobridge-Pollock, 4-5; 4. Megan Fiala, Miller, 4-3.

Long Jump: 1. Alexa Schaefbauer, 15-1.75; 2. Avany Long, Chamberlain, 14-3.75; 3. Kylie Bertram, Chamberlain, 13-10; 4. Shaley Werdel, Miller, 13-7.5; 5. Brandi Martian, Mobridge-Pollock, 13-2.75; 6. Tynia Zeman, Chamberlain, 13-0.75.

Triple Jump: 1. Shaley Werdel, Miller, 32-9; 2. Alexa Schaefbauer, Mobridge-Pollock, 31-8.75; 3. Shae Knox, Miller, 31-4.5; 4. Hallie Hallock, Chamberlain, 28-4; 5. Sam Good Shield, Mobridge-Pollock, 28-3.75.

Shot Put: 1. Steph Gemar, Mobridge-Pollock, 36-6.5; 2. Deloris Herman, Winner, 35-4.5; 3. Hallie Hallock, Chamberlain, 32.9.25; 4. Casey Norrid, Winner, 31-5; 5. Kyran Meek, Winner, 30-3; 6. Macee Fanning, Miller, 30-1.

Discus: 1. Steph Gemar, Mobridge-Pollock, 126-5; 2. Hallie Hallock, Chamberlain, 101-11; 3. Deloris Herman, Winner, 101-5; 4. Casey Norrid, Winner, 99-1; 5. Tia Pawlowski, Miller, 93-7; 6. Jo?L Pretends Eagle, Mobridge-Pollock, 89-6.

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