Trio claims Denny Palmer Memorial tourney title


By Jay Davis

These two brutes were part of the haul that landed Gregg Voegele (pictured), Ken Lewis and Jack Voller in second place, nearly pulling off a second straight tournament title.

These two brutes were part of the haul that landed Gregg Voegele (pictured), Ken Lewis and Jack Voller in second place, nearly pulling off a second straight tournament title.

The North Dakota team of Chris Ryckman, Josh Carson and Tom Davis out-fished the field to take first place in the fourth edition of the Denny Palmer Memorial Fishing Tournament on Saturday.
The trio netted 14.64 pounds of walleye, earning them the first-place prize of $2,980.
Last year’s winners, Gregg Voegle of Trail City and Ken Lewis and Jack Voller of Mobridge, challenged for a second straight title, but settled for second place with 13.95 pounds. They brought in the tourney’s second biggest walleye at 5.32 pounds. The local anglers won $1,480.
Jess Schilling, Bubba and Hunter Graham took third with 13.46 pounds to make $980. Their 5.1-pounder was the tourney’s third biggest walleye.
Groton anglers Rod Boehmer, Shirlee Briggs and Marc Hanson caught 12.02 pounds for fourth place after taking second last year.
Brian Peery, Mark Osterloh and James Madsen rounded out the top five with an 11.92-pound creel.
Steven Gasser of Mobridge and Terry Backous of Glenham took sixth with 11.63 pounds. Their bounty included a 5.47-pound whopper, and the biggest walleye in the tournament.
Five more teams fished their way into the money for the second straight year.
Bob Farhni, Gary Farhni and Josh Perman took eighth place with 11.38 pounds. The Farhnis were on the 14th-place team last year.
Brad, Tyler and Brent Mareska took 11th place with 11.13 pounds. The trio took sixth last summer.
Rich and Tammy Zimney and Rod Kluess of Groton showed consistency. They finished 12th with 10.48 pounds after taking 11th last year.
Dick Deacon and sons Dana and Tom placed 14th with 9.83 pounds. The Deacon trio took fifth last year.
Aberdeen anglers James Scarlett, Greg Nehlich and Mitchell Nehlich took 16th with 9.66 pounds after a fifth-place finish last year.
Three Mobridge High School graduates took 13th place. The team of Jeff and Brad Heil and Dave Rowe pulled in 10.47 pounds.
A second father and sons team took 15th. Greg Merkel and sons Spencer and Bryan caught 9.77 pounds.
A total of 83 teams entered the tournament, up from 77 last year. Most teams fared well considering the storm that hit the area on Friday evening. Sixty-nine teams brought fish to the weigh-ins, leaving 14 teams to take a skunk. A total of 375 walleyes were weighed in a combined weight of 521.93 pounds. The top 21 teams shared a prize pot of $9,720.

Denny Palmer Memorial Fishing Tournament
1. Chris Ryckman, Josh Carson, Tom Davis, 6, 14.64, $2,980; 2. Gregg Voegele, Ken Lewis, Jack Voller, 5, 13.95, $1,480; 3. Bubba Graham, Jess Schilling, Hunter Graham, 6. 13.46, $980; 4. Rod Boehmer, Shirlee Briggs, Marc Hanson, 6, 12.02, $780; 5. Brian Peery, Mark Osterloh, James Madsen, 6, 11.92, $$580; 6. Terry Backous, Steve Gasser, 6, 11.63, $380; 7. Brad Labounty, Marty Rathert, Jeff Arneson, 6, 11.61, $310; 8. Bob Farhni, Gary Farhni, Josh Perman, 6, 11.38, $280; 9. Erick Bieber, Ryan Schlechter, Gary Frankfurth, 6, 11.37, $230; 10. Quinten Hedlin, Marty Jung, Chelsey Jung, 6, 11.16, $200;
11. Brad Mareska, Tyler Mareska, Brent Mareska, 6, 11.13, $150; 12. Rich Zimney, Tami Zimney, Rod Kluess, 6, 10.48, $150; 13. Jeff Heil, Brad Heil, Dave Rowe, 6, 10.47, $150; 14. Dick Deacon, Dana Deacon, Tom Deacon, 6, 9.83, $150; 15. Greg Merkel, Bryan Merkel, Spencer Merkel, 6, 9.77, $150; 16. James Scarlett, Greg Nehlich, Mitchell Nehlich, 6, 9.66, $150; 17. Leon Lipp, Keith Hulm, Justin Seidel, 6, 9.51, $150; 18. Leonard Glines, Chad Blaha, Bill Magnuson, 6, 9.13, $125; 19. Rick Schock, Larry Schock, Jack Geffre, 6, 8.62, $125; 20. Collin Heupel, James Peterson, Nick Koch, 6, 8.48, $110; 21. Jason Hanson, Grant Gilchrist, 6, 8.39, $110.

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