JAY DAVIS: Mobridge area has rich history of high school rodeo champs


With Mobridge-Pollock senior-to-be Reece Wientjes earning his spot on the national rodeo team, I got to wondering how successful Mobridge and the area have been in the past. I found that the list of South Dakota high school state champions is a long list.

I found seven state champions with a Mobridge address at the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association website. The winners ranged from 1950 to 2008.

The first state champ from Mobridge was Frank LeBeau, who won the saddle bronc title in 1950.

The year of my birth, 1959, was a very good year for Mobridge rodeo as Vince Aberle won the bareback riding and all-around cowboy titles and Marilyn “Sis” Scherr won the title of Miss South Dakota Rodeo Queen. Vince truly was all-around. He won the bull riding title for Trail City in 1956.

The Bridge City has had two pole bending champions. The first was Benita Dietrich in 1967. The second was Kristen Lawrence in 2008. Kristen is better known as a Promise resident and Timber Lake Lady Panther, but her mailbox says Mobridge.

The last time Mobridge won a state title was in 1987 when Kallyn Droog tied for the barrel racing title. She tied will a young lady almost from the areain Jennifer Ham of Lemmon.

The cowboys and cowgirls from our coverage area have combined for nearly 60 more state titles over the years. The list is filled with recent names and names that are blasts from the past. In it you will find that Kristen Lawrence was the third sibling to win a state title. You will also find that Eagle Butte simply dominated the saddle bronc riding in the ‘70s and early ‘80s.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the area’s state rodeo champions.

All-Around Cowboys

Vince Aberle, Mobridge, 1959

Jess Starr, Dupree, 1991

T.C. Holloway, Eagle Butte, 1995

Lee Olson, Dupree, 2003


Boys’ Cutting

Jim Wessel, Mound City, 1959

John Wessell, Selby, 1962


Bareback Riding

Lawrence Aberle, Trail City, 1956

Vince Aberle, Mobridge, 1959

Kim Peterson, Eagle Butte, 1972

Junior Anderson, Eagle Butte, 1977

Jade Mortenson, McLaughlin, 1991

Cody Maher, Timber Lake, 1996


Saddle Bronc Riding

Frank LeBeau, Mobridge, 1950

T.R. Stalley, Eagle Butte, 1966

Jesse Knight Jr., Eagle Butte, 1973

Jim Reeves, Eagle Butte, and

Rick Farlee, Eagle, Butte, 1977

Romey Gunville, Eagle Butte, 1978

Tom Reeves, Eagle Butte, 1980

Gumbo Lamb, Eagle Butte, 1982

Lyle Anderson, Timber Lake, 1985

Shawn Tibbs, Dupree, 1987

Leon Farlee, Eagle Butte, 1991


Bull Riding

Vince Aberle, Trail City, 1957

Butch Webb, Eagle Butte, 1974

Billy Ward, Eagle Butte, 1983

Chuch Maher, Timber Lake, 1984

Jody Eaton, Dupree, 1995

Cody Maher, Timber Lake, 1997

Nolan Hall, Timber Lake, 2013


Tie-Down Roping

Vernon Schott, McLaughlin, 1963

Jay Mortenson, McLaughlin, 1968

Jade Lyon, Isabel, 1996 & 1997

Doug Lawrence, Timber Lake, 1999

Jason Lawrence, Timber Lake, 2002

Trey Young, Dupree, 2010


Steer Wrestling

Charles Nordstrom, Glenham, 1952

Darwin Day, Eagle Butte, 1977

Jess Starr, Dupree, 1991



Marilyn Scherr, Mobridge, 1959

Rene Kost, Eagle Butte, 1976

Dee Webb, Isabel, 1994


All-Around Cowgirl

Dee Webb, Isabel, 1993

Lacey Maher, Eagle Butte, 1998

Jordan Murray, Isabel, 2007


Breakaway Roping

Peggy Brockel, McLaughlin, 1972

Kim Ward, McLaughlin, 1989

Dianne Gregg, Isabel, 1993

Tracy Bail, Dupree, 1995 & 1996

Jacque Murray, Isabel, 2001 & 2004

Jordan Murray, Isabel, 2006

Cassy Woodward, Dupree, 2013


Pole Bending

Benita Dietrich, Mobridge, 1967

Lacy Maher, Eagle Butte, 1998

Kristen Lawrence, Mobridge, 2008

Jordan Bickel, Trail City, 2013


Barrel Racing

Melanie Miller, Isabel, 1967

Kallyn Droog, Mobridge, 1987


Team Roping

Justin Burgee, Dupree, and

Jess Starr, Dupree, 1991

Wroper Kosel, Glenham, and

Elliot Gorneau, Kennebec, 2004

Tucker Dale, Timber Lake, and

Tee Hale, Faith, 2009

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