Cardinals’ offense not enough

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Second baseman Jon Schlomer runs across third before scoring a run in Wednesday night’s amateur game versus Aberdeen. Schlomer brought the score to 5-3 in the eighth inning off of a hit by first baseman Andrew Overland.

By Sara Bertsch

In a close matchup between Mobridge and Aberdeen, the Cardinals lost 5-4 at Legion Memorial Field last Wednesday.
The first few innings looked hopeful as center fielder Cassius Kocer crossed the plate in the first inning off a hit by third baseman Derek Veldhuisen to give the Cards an early 1-0 lead.
Another hit by Veldhuisen brought first baseman Andrew Overland home to make the lead 2-0 in the third inning.
Pitching for the night was Jordan Brown. Brown managed to hold off Aberdeen from scoring during the first three innings.
The Cardinals’ luck didn’t last long, however, as Aberdeen came back to score three runs in the fourth, making the score 3-2 as Aberdeen took back the lead.
In the sixth and seventh innings, Aberdeen increased their lead 5-2 facing the Cardinals with a gloomy outlook going into the eighth inning.
The Cardinals didn’t back down but came back to score two more runs in the eighth inning by second baseman Jon Hardcastle and Kocer.
Still down by one in the ninth at 5-4, the Cardinals kept Aberdeen from scoring in the final inning of the game.
At last, it all came down to the bottom of the ninth and Mobridge needed one more run to tie and another run to win the game. The Cardinals put in a good effort, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Aberdeen drove home celebrating with their win of 5-4.
“Its nice to see our bats come alive now that we are getting closer to districts. The Aberdeen game was tough because we got a lot of runners on but we couldn’t get a timely hit,” said player/coach Ryan Hoffman.
In an away game on Sunday, the Cardinals defeated Northville on the road in their first game 4-2. In their second game, their luck didn’t prevail as they lost 7-2.
“The Northville game was a good test since we will probably face them in the first round of districts. We did not do anything to hurt ourselves and we took advantage of their mistakes,” Hoffman said.
The Cardinals will hit the road on Friday, July 25, to play Claremont.

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