Baking, Cooking Best When Done From Scratch


By Sandy Bond

Somehow, between her long hours tending to all animals great and small at Oahe Veterinary Clinic and studying for the National Veterinary Technician Exam scheduled for this fall, Annie Maciejewski finds time to bake up a storm.

“I grew up surrounded by great cooks,” she said, “including my mom and my Grandma Mary.”

Because of time constraints, if she wants a good meal, she said, she tries to use her slow cooker to prepare roasts, chicken or some easy chicken recipe.

“I feel I’m cheating if I resort to something out of a box like Hamburger Helper or mac ‘n cheese.”

“Although I like to bake a lot of cakes and bars,” she said. “I love recipes that are quick and not particularly good for you, like puppy chow or Rice Krispies bars.”

She has a rhubarb plant in her backyard in Mobridge and incorporates it into rhubarb cake; and although she presently doesn’t have a garden, friends and family share theirs with her.

The only culinary catastrophe she can readily recall happened this Valentine’s Day.

“I was trying to make a meatball recipe that was a total disaster. My boyfriend came to my rescue; I don’t think he will let me live it down any time soon!”

The daughter of Ed and Mary Jo Maciejewski, she and her siblings, John, 31, and Jami, 28, grew up on a ranch six miles from Timber Lake, surrounded by animals and have always loved them.

“As a kid I spent countless hours outside with my dogs and horses,” she said. “I started helping out at the clinic when I was 17. That’s when I decided to become a vet technician.”

After graduating from Timber Lake High School, she attended Northern State University at Aberdeen before transferring to Eastern Wyoming College at Torrington, Wyo., where she graduated with an associate’s degree in veterinary technology (AAS). She is presently enrolled in business classes online through Bismarck State College.

Although she presently doesn’t have any pets of her own because she doesn’t have the space or time to devote to them, she calls a blue heeler named Spud, and Sassy, a Chesapeake Bay retriever living on the ranch, her own.

“I can’t wait to get a place in the country and start my own funny farm, she said. “And I do mean that seriously!”

In her spare time, Annie likes to go back to the ranch and visit her folks, brother John and his wife, Becky, niece, Meredith, 5, and nephew, Preston, 2. She will go horseback riding and just enjoy the great outdoors. She also loves visiting her sister, Jami, her husband, Jay, and niece, Adelyn, 3, who live in Gillette, Wyo.

She enjoys reading and listening to mostly country music.

“I do love the band Aerosmith, a rock band,” she said. “I even got to be at the concert in Sturgis where he fell off the stage. It made my year!”

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