SARA BERTSCH: Time to reflect on the past two weeks


For the past two weeks I’ve filled in as sports editor. It’s been quite the experience and now I’m taking off my baseball cap, kicking my feet up on the desk and enjoying the last few days I have in this office.

I began to think that I better recap my last few weeks in here, because I know people are dying to know what it’s like to sit in Jay Davis’ seat for two weeks. I’m here to tell you, its not that difficult. You go to the games, you watch the games, and then you write about them.

Since I’ve been sitting in this office filled with Chicago Cubs paraphernalia, I began to notice that more people are recognizing me and starting to stop by and say hello. The only thing is, they still don’t call me by my name. Mostly, its Jay Jr., Jay 2.0, or sports guy, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve even gotten a few compliments, ‘Jay, you have really gotten a lot prettier this last week,’ or ‘Jay, I like what you’ve done with your hair.’

In addition to the nicknames and compliments, I’ve been able to add a new skill to my resume: sports writing. Last week I wrote my first sports story about baseball, a sport I know little about. Somehow, I managed and I’ve been writing even more sports since.

Another bonus of this job is you get to leave the office for any and all games that happen. Many games take place after office hours, but it’s still a good time. Very few people can say they their work is going to a baseball game.

Even with all the perks that come with this job, there is a downside. Everyone knows Jay. When they see me, they know I’m taking the pictures and writing the sports section this week and I can see that they are comparing me to Jay, an experienced sports editor.

In a way it’s a good thing, but still people miss seeing Jay and I can tell. Even my family members will say something like, ‘Jay would have gotten that picture,’ or ‘Jay wouldn’t ask so many questions.’

Well, I tried, but I’m not Jay. I’m Jay 2.0. I’m still learning, but someday I’ll be working for ESPN and then we’ll see what my family says.

Until then, I’ll let Jay come back to his office and he can have his desk back. I hope he doesn’t mind I changed everything, including his desk chair.

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