SARA BERTSCH: Problems within the city need to be addressed


This space is usually dedicated to the weekly editorial, but as one of my co-workers pointed out the other day; I’m the editor this week, so I can do what I want with the space. I’m still going to write an editorial, it’s just not what is usually done each week. (Katie, if you are reading this, it was all Jay’s idea, not mine.)

First off, I want to take this time to address the major problem that I have found since living here in Mobridge. It is not one that can be solved by the City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club or by any other local organizations dedicated to serving and improving the Mobridge area.

The problem with Mobridge is that it made me want to stay longer than the three months I have for my internship. I signed up for three months in Mobridge, no more and no less. Now, I’m sitting here thinking that this gig should have been a little longer.

Listed below are the detailed reasons of why I strongly believe this.

One, I’ve met way too many nice people. What’s the deal here? I’m new to town, I don’t need people asking me friendly questions about where I’m from or complimenting me on my great fashion sense. I’m here to be a serious journalist and if I need to ask you a simple question I don’t want to be bothered by how great you think my shoes are.

Second, the food is way too good. I want to eat out at the many restaurants in town all of the time. I blame Mobridge for the extra five pounds I’ve gained. And partially to my family who also cooks amazing food. How am I supposed to go back to college and live off of ramen noodles after these past three months? This is a serious issue.

Third, there is way too much to do. How much time do you think I have? Not much, I can tell you that. I don’t have time to go to all of the events each weekend, find time to sleep and be a good intern. I’m not superwoman.

Fourth, there are too many shopping places. I’m here to make money, not spend it.

Also, there is something seriously wrong with this internship. I’m doing tons of work all of the time, and I’m getting all of these real experiences that most interns don’t get. I thought I’d be getting everyone’s coffee and twiddling my thumbs like the rest of the interns. Can’t I be like everyone else? Now, I have too many stories to tell when I get back to school. Thanks a lot, Mobridge.

Finally, the most serious and troubling problem with Mobridge that I’ve found is the view. There’s way too much to see. Should I be looking at the bridges, the river, the rolling hills, City Park, or the amazing sunsets? I’m telling you, Mobridge has a view unlike many other places. It’s unbelievable how many sunset pictures are taking up my phone’s memory. It is all Mobridge’s fault too.

So, to anybody thinking about coming to visit the Mobridge community, I beg you to stay away. Unless you like shopping at local and unique stores, meeting some of the nicest people around, eating great food, fishing or boating on the river or catching some of the greatest views in the area, I suggest you do not come to Mobridge. You will get all of that and more.

So please, just stay away before you get sucked into this community and don’t want to leave, just like I did.

In other words, I believe some serious action needs to be taken to address these problems. I suggest a committee be appointed to look into the issues and should they want some more information on these horrid accusations, please contact me.

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