JAY DAVIS: Black and White Scrimmage kicks off at 5 p.m. Saturday


The Mobridge-Pollock Tigers football team is kicking off the new season with the Black and White Scrimmage on Saturday at Tiger Stadium.

Head coach Nathan Lamb and the coaching staff use the annual scrimmage as a way to use live action in evaluating the players before the regular season begins. There will be somewhere between 45 to 60 scripted plays run, using different groups of players running about 15 plays each.

Coach Lamb gave me a good synopsis of what they are trying to accomplish and what Tiger fans can expect see on Saturday.

I’ll give it to you in his words.

“We are looking not only for starters, but for the players that can show they know their techniques and assignments. We want to get as many guys on the field as we can on game nights. Just because a player doesn’t start, doesn’t mean he won’t play. In some cases, some players that don’t start will play as much as the starter, but we can only put 11 guys on the field at a time.

Obviously, there are some players that have starting jobs locked up as we have a few guys that have started for a couple seasons already. However, just because someone started in the past, that doesn’t mean they’ll be starting in our season opener against Linton. We have some great competition at most positions. Some guys that have started in the past haven’t done much in the offseason to improve themselves, while others that haven’t started in the past have worked their tails off and put themselves in a position to battle for playing time and a starting spot.

We are not only evaluating for the varsity. We also want to see the progress and growth of the young players as we prepare for our JV season, which we expanded from a four- to seven-game season this year. While we strive to make sure every player plays in every JV game, we are still trying to win every JV game at the same time.”

So, there you have it. Think of this kind of like watching the Vikings play an exhibition game on an August Friday night. The game is about evaluating players, finding out which are suited for the starting jobs and the assorted specialized assignments. It is also a way for us, the parents and fans, to get a first glimpse of how our athletes have made themselves bigger, stronger faster athletes, and to see the strides they have made in their acumen for the game of football.

Noise does not hurt at scrimmages, so folks you can use Saturday as preseason for yourselves too. We’ll call it “cheering loud and cheering strong” practice.

Bring the family and bring your lungs.

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