Grand Crossing project delayed until 2013


by Katie Zerr

There will likely be no work on Grand Crossing in 2012 as the South Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT) will not start the project until 2013.

According to DOT Area Engineer John Villbrandt, the delay has to do with the number of easements required with additional lighting and for ramps required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Villbrandt said Monday, March 26, acquiring the needed easements has set the project back and bids will not be let until at least September.

“It could be later than that because nothing will probably be done this year,” he said. “I doubt if any work could get done this fall.”

He said each ADA regulation ramp and streetlight will require an easement if they are on personal property. Acquiring those easements is taking more time as the plan changed to meet the requirements of the ADA.

The project, which had been planned to start this spring, was part of the project plan that consisted of milling the surface of the road starting on the east side of the U.S. Highway 12 Bridge to the east city limits of Mobridge. The surface of 1804 will be replaced from the corner of Fourth Avenue East to the corner near Oahe Hills Golf Course.

New curb, gutters, sidewalks and streetlights will be installed along Grand Crossing. The concrete work will all be upgraded to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Curb, gutters and sidewalks along 1804 will be upgraded to the ADA standards but there will not be a complete replacement. There will also be streetlights added along 1804 to 12th Street East.

– Katie Zerr –

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