Borah wins sprints at NSU indoor meet


by Jay Davis

Austin Borah came flying out of the blocks to win two sprints at the NSU Indoor Meet in Aberdeen on Friday.
The sophomore speedster won the 55- and 200-meter dashes. Borah beat a Groton runner in each race. He won the 55-meter dash in 6.82 seconds, beating Ryland Strom, who ran a 6.97. His 23.8-second 200-meter dash beat Matt Thorson’s 24.52. Borah rounded out his opening day by taking second in the 400 with a time of 56.91 seconds. Darin Peterka of Miller won the race at 54.26.

Daniel Roberts started his season with a shot put throw that went a first-place 54 feet, 2.5 inches (a distance that would have been state-qualifying in a sanctioned, outdoor meet). Roberts was nearly four feet better than runner-up Adam Dutenhoffer of Frederick, who threw his shot 50-3.5. The Tigers made their presence known in the shot. Brady Spiry and Stephen Gemar came in seventh and eighth, respectively. Spiry threw 37-3.25 and Gemar went 36-9.75.

Two Lady Tigers placed in the meet.

Kass Keller ran a 1:06.46 for second place in the 400. Janea Gregory of South Border, N.D., took first place with a time of 1:05.44.

Cassi Heumiller paced to a 5:45.19 for sixth place in the 1500-meter. Tori Moore of Ipswich won the event with a time of 5:23.44.

Just nine of the Tigers and Lady Tigers competed at NSU. Coach Rhonda Frederick used the indoor competition as a chance for some to get the season underway early.

“They did awesome,” said Frederick. “I was proud of them.”

NSU Indoor Meet
55-Meter Dash: 1. Austin Borah, Mobridge-Pollock, 6.82; 1. Ryland Strom, Groton, 6.97; 3. Kyle Johnson, Langford, 7.0; 4. Nick Alberts, Langford, 7.02; 5. Matt Konrad, Estelline, 7.06; 6. Doha Kang, Great Plains Lutheran, 7.25; 7. (tie) Dalton Storer, Gettysburg, 7.27, Brady Miller, Estelline, 7.27, Clay Wattier, Groton, 7.27.
200-Meter Dash: 1. Austin Borah, Mobridge-Pollock, 23.8; 2. Matt Thorson, Groton, 24.52; 3. Nick Alberts, Langford, 24.87; 4. Kyle Johnson, Langford, 25.01; 5. Dalton Storer, Gettysburg, 25.31; 6. Nick Johnson, Groton, 25.72; 7. Chris Campbell, Langford, 25.85; 8. Austin Schaff, Miller, 25.94.
400-Meter Dash: 1. Darin Peterka, Miller, 54.26; 2. Austin Borah, Mobridge-Pollock, 56.91; 3. Matt Konrad, Estelline, 57.9; 4. Brayden McNeary, Aberdeen Roncalli, 58.8; 5. Kendal Deutsch, Aberdeen Roncalli, 58.86; 6. Dalton Storer, Gettysburg, 59.3; 7. Mitchell Giovannetonne, Great Plains Lutheran, 59.74; 8. Austin Hoerner, Frederick, 59.83.
Shot Put: 1. Daniel Roberts, Mobridge-Pollock, 54-2.5; 2. Adam Dutenhoffer, Frederick, 50-3.5; 3. Joey Vrooman, Miller, 46-9; 4. Bryce Raap, Groton, 44-10; 5. Matt Swallow, Aberdeen Roncalli, 43-5.25; 6. Brian Vohlken, Estelline, 40-3.5; 7. Brady Spiry, Mobridge-Pollock, 37-3.25; 8. Stephen Gemar, 36-9.75.
400-Meter Dash: 1. Janea Gregory, South Border, 1:05.44; 2. Kass Keller, Mobridge-Pollock, 1:06.46; 3. Savannah Dolezal, Estelline, 1:06.85; 4. Katie McNeary, Aberdeen Roncalli, 1:07.19; 5. Maci Gauer, Ipswich, 1:07.38; 6. Kaitlyn Sattler, Groton, 1:07.66; 7. Courtney Bubach, Strasburg, 1:07.84; 8. Alexis Lloyd, Ipswich, 1:08.8.
1500-Meter Run: 1. Tori Moore, Ipswich, 5:25.33; 2. Halee Cronin, Gettysburg, 5:37.1; 3. Abbi Benning, Estelline, 5:5:37.2; 4. Nicolette Schmidt, Redfield-Doland, 5:41.02; 5. Alyssa Maertz, Great Plains Lutheran, 5:42.7; 6. Cassi Heumiller, Mobridge-Pollock, 5:45.19; 7. Lillian Smith, South Border, 5:48.22; 8. Bridgette Iron Shield, Standing Rock, 5:50.92.

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