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Rabenberg makes her television debut Sunday on ‘My Giant Life’

– Photo courtesy of TLC –

Being tall was an issue for a young Krista Rabenberg, but as she grew older it has become an asset and even helped to land her a job on a television show.
Rabenberg, a 2006 graduate of Mobridge High School, learned to embrace her 6-foot, 6-inch frame, as she grew older. Now at 30, she appreciates that she is different from most women.
Rabenberg has always been a standout, whether it was in athletics or school; she is remembered fondly in her hometown for her accomplishments in school. But she didn’t stop there. Rabenberg went to get a master’s degree in counseling in 2014, worked in that field for several years in South Dakota and in Las Vegas before realizing that it was not a good fit for her.
“I found out I still have a need to help people,” she said. “I still needed to use my education to help others. I decided on the speaking to help others realize that you need to care about the things that you can control and learn to respect yourself.”
She then started her own business as a motivational speaker and hasn’t looked back.
“Holly Hoffman is my speaking mentor,” said Rabenberg. “We are currently working on a gig, speaking together.”
But that has taken a backseat to Rabenberg’s big adventure, a starring role on TLC’s “My Giant Life.”

Starting Sunday, Sept. 17, Rabenberg will be a part of the reality series about the lives of extraordinary women who happen to be very tall.
In the lineup for the show’s website Rabenberg is described as “…six-foot-six South Dakota native is headed to Vegas and she’s already hit the roommate jackpot – Lindsay! Already running a thriving business as a life coach, she’s putting all her chips on the table and adding “comedian” to her resume. Will her career cash out or will her luck run out?”
Rabenberg has been in contact with the show since season one, when she submitted a tape to be considered for the show. She was pursuing her master’s at the time and was very busy. Since she didn’t get picked for the show at the first season but knew this was something she really wanted to do, she kept in contact with the show.
When she decided to add stand-up comic to her resume, the producers of the show saw a chance to add her to the line up.
Rabenberg will be roommates with one of the show’s first stars, Lindsay, who is 6-foot-9, and is also living in Las Vegas, pursuing a career.
“This had been quite a process actually, there really are a lot of tall women,” laughed Rabenberg. “It is so weird being one of the shortest [in the show]. When Lindsay and I get together, we attract a lot of attention.”
She said sometimes it is hard to wrap her head around the fact that she is on a major network show, in a prime-time slot on Sundays.
“I feel like I’m dreaming in a weird sort of way,” she said. “When I was in middle school and had a hard time being tall and awkward, and you told me there would be a show about tall women, I wouldn’t have believed this could happen.”
She and Lindsay hit it off right away, but during the show are finding out it is not always smooth sailing.
“This is the first time that two tall women live together,” Rabenberg said. “Our lives intertwine, but we are two different people. I am not used to having a roommate who can wear my clothes.”
Rabenberg said the season is going to be interesting as there are underlying issues the roommates will have to work out.
“It is great to have someone to talk to about issues we deal with [being tall],” she said.
There will be a premier party at a local hangout the night of the season’s first show and Rabenberg’s dad, Marv, will be flying down to see his daughter on her big night.
“I am very excited about it,” said the senior Rabenberg. “It is fun to see her even in the show trailers.”
He said he didn’t doubt Krista would make it to the show.
“When she makes up her mind about something, it’s going to happen,” he said. “I’m very, very proud of her and all of her accomplishments.”
She will also participate in the stand-up comedy show after the premier.
As for what is next for Rabenberg, it first depends on how the show’s season goes and if she returns for another season.
“The most exciting thing is the unknown,” she said. “You don’t know what doors will open.”