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Mobridge man arrested for using fake $100 bills

A Mobridge resident was arrested last week for forgery after using two fake $100 bills in the area.
Timothy Hayes, 30, had successfully used a counterfeit $100 bill for a purchase at an East Grand Crossing business Tuesday, Nov. 28, and tried to pass a second bill at Grand River Casino on Wednesday, Nov. 29, but was unsuccessful and the bill was confiscated.
Mobridge Police Chief Shawn Madison said Special Investigator Al Bohle was working on the first incident when the second report came in. He said Hayes was recognized from the casino surveillance tape and a warrant was requested.
Hayes was arrested at the Brown Palace Apartments and charged with forgery and ingestion of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).
Two other individuals at that location were charged with misdemeanor ingestion of marijuana and released.
Madison said he doubts the arrest will be the end of the counterfeit bills showing up in the area.
“The Secret Service said it is play money, something that might be used in motion pictures. There is more of it out there,” he said Monday Dec. 4. “You can order it online. It is not illegal to possess, but it breaks the law when they try to use it.”
Hayes is currently on parole and the arrest is a violation of that parole, according to Madison. He is currently being held in the Walworth County Jail.
– Katie Zerr –