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Miller resigns commission seat

Walworth County Commissioners, Thursday, Jan. 18, accepted the resignation of Commissioner Melissa Miller, who represents District 4 in Mobridge, effective immediately.
Miller, in her letter of resignation said she didn’t have the time she felt was needed to do the job. Miller said her career was time consuming and didn’t in her opinion leave enough time for her commission job.
The seating commission will appoint someone to fill that seat until the election in November.
Walworth County State’s Attorney Jamie Hare said the elected individual would then fill the seat until the 2020 election at which time the normal election cycle would be back on track.
Commissioners approved advertising for individuals interested in filling the position. They must live within the boundaries of District 4, (see map) and be a registered voter. Residents interested in filling the position should submit their name to Walworth County Auditor Rebecca Krein.
The commission will vote on their choice to fill the seat at the Feb. 6 meeting.

Salary resolution
Commissioners discussed a resolution to establish the number of employees in certain departments and set wages for those county employees as required by state law.
The commission wanted to establish a base for those employed in the elected offices of the county auditor, treasurer, register of deeds, and sheriff. Hare said the document that was presented is a working document and is in compliance with state statute.
This resolution fixed the number of employees and their salaries for 2018 as follows: Office of the county auditor-two full-time deputies each compensated at $15.42 per hour; office of the county treasurer, one full-time deputy compensated at $15.42 per hour, and one part-time deputy compensated at $15.42 per hour; office of the register of deeds-one full-time deputy compensated at $15.42 per hour; office of the county sheriff, one full-time chief deputy compensated at $41,209 per year; one full-time deputy at $19.48 per hour, one full-time deputy at $19.04 per hour, one part-time secretary at $15.42 per hour, two part-time transport deputies at $17.52 per hour, one full-time jail deputy at $17.26 per hour, one full-time jail lieutenant at $38,023 per year, 11 full-time jailers compensated up to $16.19 per hour, two part-time jailers compensated at $15.67 per hour, and one full-time jail cook compensated at $15.23 per hour.
Commissioner Kevin Holgard requested the commission table the resolution until he had a chance to review it as it was presented to the board.

Assigned duties
Commission Chair Scott Schilling appointed commissioners to the following county committees: Dave Siemon-Ambulance, Regional Aging Council, Northeast Council of Governments, North Central Regional E911; Jim Houck-Ambulance, Weeds, North Central RC&D, 504 Task & ADA, Walworth Count Jail; Kevin Holgard-Walworth County Jail, Highway Department, Building Maintenance, WarHawk Emergency Management, Purchasing and Scott Schilling-Highway, Building Maintenance, Landfill, 4-H Complex Policy Committee.
Schilling asked the commissioners if they thought some of these committees and boards that are active, should be disbanned. One example of that is the county zoning board. Since the ordinances have been updated and approved, the zoning board is duplicating work.
Director of Equalization Deb Kahl explained that two weeks to a month time savings for those county residents who are looking to have plat work approved. She said the board had to approve it before it comes before the commission for approval.
Walworth County State’s Attorney Jamie Hare told the commission that as long they had the final say in all those issues, it would save the final step, and speed up the process. He said it would eliminate a step in government, the county really doesn’t need. Hare said the board could be reestablished if there was a need.
Commissioner Kevin Holgard asked if purchases over a certain dollar amount needed to be approved by the board. He said he has been on purchases for two years and has never been asked about purchases.
Commissioner Jim Houck said if the purchases were in the budget, the commission should not micro-manage the department heads. Certain purchases, like fuel and big equipment tires are purchases that are made without commission approval.
Holgard said he didn’t want to be surprised by the large bills when the bills are presented at the commissioner meetings.
Schilling said there are several committees that are not necessary, for example the insurance committee. The commission decided to make a list of committees, those not established by ordinance that could be dissolved.
– Katie Zerr –