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A letter to our valued customersFree Access

Sports editor Jay Davis’ new reality is a corner in the basement that is now his office. It looks like friendly family games of darts are out of the equation during the duration of quarantine.

To our valued customers:
As part of the new normal in our nation, the office of the Mobridge Tribune and Reminder is now closed to the public.
We are still offering, as best we can, the same services as we previously have. We are simply doing our part to stem the spread of COVID-19 and keep our staff and our customers safe.
Please call the office before coming out to the building to see if we can accommodate your requests.
The sales staff will continue to serve their customers and our editorial, composition, delivery, printing and backroom staffs will continue their hard work to get our newspapers on your doorstep.
We have had to make some very tough decisions with the staff and have moved computers, printers, chairs and stacks of information from this building to the homes of our employees. It is for their safety and yours that we have chosen social distancing and self-isolation as a mode of protection for all.
It is our new normal for now. We will get through this and ask that you have patience and understanding during this tough time. Follow the national, state and city guidelines and we can do our part to help stem the spread of this virus.
Take care of your neighbors and family until the time our normal returns.

Kelsey Majeske, Publisher
Katie Zerr, Editor
Mobridge Publishing, LLC

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