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Abrego: ‘Mobridge is a great community’

Dear Mobridge,
I came to this small town in hopes of two things, move to where I didn’t know anyone and get a good learning experience.
I am glad to say that I did both of these things effectively.
My first run in with Mobridge was when I met editor, Katie Zerr at an internship fair at South Dakota State. Katie did an excellent job selling me on the idea of moving to Mobridge for a summer. She cited fishing, water activities and all sorts of fun events including the rodeo.
While I never managed to catch any walleyes on Lake Oahe, one thing is certain. She was right.
Mobridge is a beautiful, vibrant and friendly community.
There are many different things that make this an intriguing community.
Mobridge has a little bit of something for everyone. I am not a big sportsman, so at first I was a little leery about the move to a community that touted such a large fishing population and was situated on Lake Oahe.
I invited my friends, Jordan and Will, to visit me in Mobridge for a weekend and the both of them were blown away with just how friendly community members are. While the three of us are all from Minnesota, we all agreed that people from Mobridge were far friendlier than where we came from.
While we did go on an adventure in Medora, North Dakota for half of a day, we spent most of our time exploring around Mobridge.
They left with the impression that Mobridge is a great community with many different aspects. They also made the comments that they wouldn’t mind raising a family in a community that offers so much for different ages.
I share the same perspective.
Whether you are interested in hunting and fishing, history or art. One thing is for certain: Mobridge has something for you.
During the Sitting Bull Stampede, I attended all three days, taking pictures of rodeo action for the Tribune and I had a blast. What a great event for the Fourth of July and the town of Mobridge! I also am not a big rodeo fanatic, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the festivities.
I truly feel that this is one of the best events I have visited in a small town, and believe that the people of Mobridge have done such a good job at extending this tradition.
For me, I have found that driving through the vast prairie around the buttes makes for a good past time. There’s something solacing about the fact that there’s nothing around for miles.
Another one of my favorite past times in Mobridge is just to sit at the overlook and watch cars pass over the bridges. It’s also a phenomenal place to catch a sunset, with the sun illuminating Lake Oahe and getting to see the beautiful shades of gold and pink that the South Dakota sky produces.
Going to a drive-in movie theater is something I didn’t do for years, but when I got to Mobridge I got to re-experience that. That was another great experience that this community offers, that many don’t.
When you put aside all of the different activities to do in Mobridge, there is still an attraction with how friendly the community members are.
When I first made the four and a half hour-drive here, I was kind of questioning myself.
But after I settled in and spent a day around Mobridge, I knew for certain that I made the right decision.
I also was taken aback with people who would come into the office and strike up a conversation, most notably, Donna Syverson, who pointed out that moving to Mobridge was fate for me.
Syverson and I discovered that I won a scholarship back in my hometown of Benson, Minnesota and Keith Baukol was honored with the namesake of the award. Keith and his wife, Jan, started their teaching careers in Wakpala.
What a small world after all.
Unlike my hometown, this place feels much more natural.
In just the 12 weeks that I spent here, I met many different people and befriended most of them.
Whether or not I am out to getting groceries or simply just filling up on gas, it seems that I run in to someone who goes out of their way to say their greetings.
Most importantly, thank you Mobridge for showing me what a great community this is. Thank you to all of the community members that showed me what a community really is.
While I’m excited to get back to college at the end of the 12 weeks that is quickly approaching, I feel a sense of sadness that I have to leave a place that I called home for the summer.