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Anna’s big heart makes an impression on New Hope

A little girl with a big heart can make a lasting impression on people with whom she comes in contact as shown by the generosity of Anna Kraft of McLaughlin.
Anna, the daughter of Ross and Heather Keller of Timber Lake, showed her big heart when she decided to forgo the community’s Fourth of July celebration to help people in need.
Anna took the time she normally spends enjoying the Main Street celebration to sell lemonade and popsicles to raise money for the New Hope Foundation, a group that distributes funding to people in the five county area that are battling cancer.
“I have wanted to do this for a long time,” said Anna. “My aunt Karen had breast cancer and I wanted to help other people who have cancer.”
The third grader decided on her own she decided to skip all the games and fun on the Fourth of July to raise money for the foundation.
“This was completely her own idea,” said her mother Heather. “She came to me in the beginning of the summer and told me she wanted to have a lemonade stand and she wanted to help people.”
Anna said the popsicles were the big sellers and helped her to raise $216 for New Hope.
Heidi Roshau of the New Hope Foundation said all of the board members of the foundation were greatly impressed with Anna’s initiative.
“Her generosity is greatly appreciated,” said Heidi. “She sets an example for all others that you are never too young to help others.”
Although it was hot during the celebration it did not dampen Anna’s enthusiasm for helping others.
“I plan on doing it again,” she said.
– Katie Zerr –