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Appeal made for return to normal operations

The Mobridge City Council heard from a local restaurant manager and owner concerning allowing full opening of local businesses.
Lisa Briggs and Gary Stueck addressed the council about the impact of the closing of certain businesses during the early weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak. Briggs told the council how the restrictions on the Pizza Ranch restaurant after the business was allowed to re-open has impacted the bottom line.
She said if the business does not fully reopen, with the ability to have full capacity seating, it could mean the doors could close for good.
“If we don’t get back to normal soon, we won’t have a Pizza Ranch in Mobridge,” she said. “We have implemented a new three-step cleaning process, we no longer use regular silverware and have a specially designated seating area for people with underlying health conditions.”
She said it is not only the business but the jobs and the families at the restaurant that would be a loss to the community.
Stueck told the council as the owner of the business he has fought “tooth and nail” to make the business a success. He said he and his wife, Delphine, had done everything possible to keep it going. He said one of the reasons they chose the Pizza Ranch for the community was the fundraising policy that came along with the business.
“There wasn’t enough takeout business income to pay for our operational costs,” he said. “We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is still long for us.”
He said if the business has to close down again because of the spread of the coronavirus it would mean the end of the Pizza Ranch in Mobridge.
Council members Randy Carlson and Tony Yellow Boy both voiced hope the retail community in the city could be back to normal operation soon, but Yellow Boy also said caution should be used when considering lifting restrictions.
Councilwoman Jade Mound said she would like to get input from the city’s health officer Dr. Robert Marciano before all distancing restrictions are lifted at certain businesses.
No action was taken on the request but a change in the current ordinance will be considered at a future meeting.
In other business the Mobridge City Council:
• Approved making the position of A.H. Library Assistant Director Stacy Wilson full-time.
• Approved adding Daniel Hunnel to the Mobridge Fire and Rescue Squad.
• Approved the first reading of City Ordinance 985 approving the new official zoning map of the City of Mobridge.
• Approved the first reading of City Ordinance 986 adding general commercial permitted uses to the permitted uses in the highway commercial zoned areas, combining two ordinances.
• Approved the first reading of City Ordinance 987, an ordinance codifying zoning changes and amendments and updating the ordinances.
• Approve Lou Novitch to serve on the Zoning and Planning Board for a three-year term.
• Set a special council meeting to canvass the Tuesday, June 23 city election for Wednesday, June 24 at 5:30 p.m.