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Ball Five: Assistant coach even more valuable this season

The winter athletic schedule was supposed to start on Saturday in Ft. Pierre, but the weather put an end to that. The wrestlers still get to start things when they head to Redfield to dual the Pheasants tomorrow evening.
The basketball team should have no problem getting their season underway as there are no storms on the horizon this weekend.
Speaking of basketball, not only did I get to have my first interview with new Tiger coach TJ Knudson, I got to have my first interview with Lady Tiger coach Lindsey Bachman while she is pregnant. Lindsey and Topher are expecting their first child in late February.
That brings us to a coaching development that is going to happen, well, just in time for the postseason. Region 6A will be played on Feb. 25 and 28, that’s the end of February, due time.
The Lady Tigers, however, will be in good hands with assistant coach Keenan Soyland.
“Keenan has been a blessing,” said Bachman. “He knows the game. It’s nice to have someone who is not only another set of eyes, but another voice. It’s truly been a team effort this year.”
I had the pleasure of watching Soyland work at practice on Monday. The Lady Tigers will not have to step on the court unsure of themselves when the newest member of the Bachman family decides to make its presence known. Soyland knows the game of basketball, and maybe more importantly, he knows how get his thoughts from his brain to his voice.
You just got a top-notch approval rating. No pressure.
The thing in question is, who will be Soyland’s assistant when the time comes. That hasn’t been decided yet, but the decision makers at MPHS will make the right one, and you can bet they’ll make with plenty of time for all of this to be done with a smooth transition.
Knudson is on the opposite end of the assistant coach spectrum. Well first, he’s not going to have a baby in February so there isn’t any of that pressure. Second, he has Stephen Hettick who is in his eighth year as the Tigers’ assistant basketball coach. Knudson said the Hettick has been a huge part of his transition to head coach. Knudson told me Hettick’s knowledge of the game and of the players has made his first preseason a lot less stressful.
I have to change the subject, because I have to discuss something where the only thing I can really say is, “oops, my bad.
You may have noticed the mistake quite early in reading the front page of sports last week. I was writing about Mobridge-Pollock wrestling and Timber Lake football. The Tigers have a wrestler named Tucker Holzer, while the Panthers have a football player named Tucker Kraft. If you didn’t notice the mistake, you don’t have to look back. Somehow, I turned Mobridge’s Tucker into Timber Lake’s all-state football playing Tucker.
“Oops, my bad.” Congratulations Tucker Kraft on your high school football career. Good luck at SDSU and I’ll do my best to make sure I get your name right through basketball and track this year.