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BALL FIVE: Battle of two unbeatens coming up Friday in Webster

The games just keeping getting bigger for the Tigers.
I would love to tell you the last time the Tigers were part of a two unbeaten team matchup this late in the season was, but I can’t. As much Mobridge history as I’ve amassed over the years, I haven’t spent much time delving into the pasts of our opposition.
I can tell you that this is the 14th time in history the Tigers have made it to 5-0. The first time was coach Bat Nelson’s 1922 team that took a three-day train ride to Sioux Falls to play in a de facto state championship against the big city boys. The last time was coach Troy Stenberg’s 1998 team that went on to win the Northeast Conference Title.
Right now, the Tigers are 2-0 in the NEC with wins over Roncalli and Sisseton. The Bearcats are 3-0 with wins over Roncalli, Groton Area and Redfield.
Here’s a fun fact headed into Friday. The Tigers and Bearcats are tied for the most power points in Class 11B with 45.2. Part of that is because they are both 5-0. Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan and Winner are both 6-0 and had 45.0 seed points, which I would guess is the number the Tigers would like to be at after Friday.
Let’s step back to what happened on Friday. With about three minutes left, the Tigers were down eight points and their starting quarterback was limping to the sidelines. What transpired the rest of the way was what has to be the most improbable win the Tigers have had in my lifetime, maybe of all time.
The first time I remember going to watch the Tigers play was when I was in second grade. That would have been the fall of 1966. I’ve seen a lot of games. I’ve never seen one like that.
While we’re on the football subject, the Tigers are not the only team in the county that is racking up the wins. After suffering through a 2-6 season last year, the Herreid/Selby Area Wolverines are rolling this fall with a 4-1 record. Outside their loss to 9A favorite Sully Buttes, the Wolverines are putting on a show. After starting the year with a two-point win over also once-beaten Langford Area, the Wolverines have beaten North Border, Waverly-South Shore and Potter County by an average score of 51-20. The boys from across the county are putting the ball in the end zone.
With 42.4 seed points, the Wolverines are tied for fourth in 9B right now.
If the two teams in our little corner of the world keep doing the things they have been doing, it looks like the there are some schools who are going to have to fill their busses and head to Walworth County in late October.
Don’t forget that on the other side of the river are two more teams that are looking for homefield advantage in the postseason.
Lemmon/McIntosh at 5-0 just needs to keep winning. The Cowboys have Harding County this weekend and then play Dupree and Bison. They lead 9AA in seed points. They will host a home playoff game.
It’s going to take some work for Timber Lake because, believe it or not, at 4-1, the Panthers are tied for fourth in their region. You want to know how big their game in New Underwood is on Friday? That’s who they are tied with. The Panthers also have Harding County on the road for their last game so they are going to have to play some good football the rest of the way.