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BALL FIVE: Comeback by Teddy Bridgewater could have made-for-Hollywood ending

I’ll tell you when I knew that the Minnesota Vikings were going to beat the Washington Redskins on Sunday. It was when Theodore Bridgewater Jr. was shown being overcome by emotions before the game.
For those of you who do not know, Teddy was in uniform for the first time in 22 months after suffering a horrific knee injury last preseason. While he did not play a single snap, just having the quarterback in uniform, feeling the pure joy of being a healthy football player again was more than enough to spur the Vikings to victory.
What may happen next with the Vikings I can’t tell you, but whether Teddy is the starter soon or not is going to be in the news. You could feel it early in the FOX broadcast. The cameras showed Teddy on the sidelines two or three or maybe even four times before the opening kickoff. He was referenced from time to time. The cameras were trained on him putting his helmet on after Case Keenum threw the second of his two interceptions.
There’s an old adage that says that having two quarterbacks is like having no quarterback. What that means is that for teams to be successful there can be no quarterback controversy.
Well, in Minnesota there is going to a quarterback controversy. Maybe not within the team, but in the bars and coffee shops, in the restaurants and around water coolers, and especially in the media, there is going to be non-stop chatter about who should be leading the Vikings on the field.
The case for Case has been evident on the field. The Vikings are 5-2 and have won five straight games with him on the field. He has an innate ability to avoid the rush, rarely getting sacked. He seems to have great chemistry with his receivers, especially Adam Thielen. But he does have his shortcomings. One is that his arm strength is not that good. A case in point is two passes from Sunday. One was the balloon of a pass he completed to a wide open Thielen for a big gain. The other was a balloon of a pass he completed to a Washington player. He also struggles with defenders in his face. He was just 4 of 9 for 24 yards and the aforementioned interception when he was being pressured. If you noticed, after his second interception, the Viking coaches pretty much took the ball out of his hands the rest of the game.
And now, the case for Teddy. First you have to remember the last time Teddy was on the field. That was the afternoon he outplayed Seattle’s Russell Wilson only to have The Blair Walsh Project miss wide left, sending the Vikings to a playoff loss. That was the Vikings’ last game of their 2015 season. Now Teddy was playing behind a putrid offensive line so his performances were a lot like Sam Bradford’s last year, but he was a true field general leading the Vikings to an 11-5 regular season.
Field general- that is the biggest thing about Teddy. He is a human magnet. There is not a person in the Vikings’ organization who does not love the young man. His teammates want him in the huddle. His coaches want him leading the team. His owner wants him to be the face of the franchise. The fans just want to love and cheer for him, because that’s who Teddy is. The Vikings want to win a Super Bowl and they want to win it with Teddy leading the team.
Now, is he going to be ready to take the next step? Has he, during his recuperation, gotten better at throwing the deep ball? Can he quickly get timing with Thielen, Stefon Diggs, Kyle Rudolph and rest of his offensive play makers? Can he make the Vikings become a better team than what they are right now?
None of those questions can be answered until he actually takes the field.
Me? I deeply want Teddy back behind center for the Vikings and here’s why.
On Aug. 30, 2016, Teddy suffered a dislocation of his left knee. The injury was so gruesome that the first thing that had to be done was simply save his leg. It would not have been a surprise if doctors had told him his career was over, that he should thank God he still had two legs to walk on. But somehow, here he is, back on the field, ready to reclaim his job as quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.
It would be one of the greatest stories in sports history if Teddy led the Vikings all the way to the Super Bowl. Just think of it. A young man nearly loses his leg and 18 months later leads his team to the Super Bowl and then gets named MVP after leading the Vikings to their first Super Bowl title, in their home stadium no less.
The only thing left would be figuring out who would play Teddy in the movie.