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BALL FIVE: Doing research the old way

I’ve always been one who digs digging up information. With the advent of a little thing called a smart phone, I find that they have three things that are essential for me. I, of course, can make calls and send texts, but the third is having Google right there waiting for me to learn what I don’t know in a matter of seconds.
It wasn’t that easy when I wanted to know when the last time the Tigers won a region track title happened.
I couldn’t remember one, neither could anyone up at the school. The South Dakota Activities Association office in Pierre has a wealth of information, but not that. I have easy access to the last 20 years of sports information because it is stored right here on the same computer I’m typing on right now. But this answer was not on Google. It seems the worldwide web’s memory bank is finite after all.
That meant there was only one thing to do. I had to go to the Tribune’s library and start looking things up the old-fashioned way; by opening book after book of old Tribs and finding the info I wanted, and needed, actually.
It turns out the deep dive did not need scuba gear. I started searching in the big book of 1997 Tribunes (I started writing my Ball Five drivel later that same year) and four Tribune tomes later had my answer.
The 1994 team was a lot like this year’s region champions. Their depth led them to the title. The ’94 team won just two region titles, Jay Schaefbauer won the 100 and Chad Gasser won the 110 hurdles, but they tallied 126 points to edge Philip and White River.
It was still Region 6A, though. The teams in the region have changed many times over the years, but for the last 24 of them, Mobridge and Mobridge-Pollock have been a constant.
There is much more track and field research to be now, of course. I have the history itch. Give me a little time and I’ll have all the Mobridge region track titles I can find, going all the way back the last 100 years.
I’ll do it with no help from Google.