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BALL FIVE: Football right move for Murray

It created quite a stir in my baseball loving home when Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray made the decision to go all-in and enter the NFL draft instead of heading to spring training as a member of the Oakland A’s, for which he was a first-round draft pick.
Being upset came from greed. We wanted to see the young man roam the outfields, dig into the batter’s box and fly around the base paths.
But, in truth, picking football was probably the right decision, and here’s why.
In Major League Baseball, being a first-round pick is in no way a guarantee you will even make it to the big leagues, let alone become a star. I saw a stat that only 66 percent of MLB first-round picks even make it to the show. The odds of becoming a star or even making an all-star game are about three in 30 or 10 percent.
Remember, that’s for guys who have been dedicated to nothing but the game of baseball. Murray has been spending half his time on the football field for years now. He has not been spending all his waking hours refining his baseball skills.
Besides, in the NFL, if they pay you, they are going to play you. Murray is a special talent. Some NFL team is going to make him a first-round pick. They are going to pay him, and they are going to give him his chance show what he can do.
My guess is that he will have a successful career. If he doesn’t, well I guess he can always go back to the batting cages and try to take the Tim Tebow route to becoming a baseball player again.