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BALL FIVE: Foul weather early in season? We’ve been here before

The Mobridge-Pollock track team got one in a row in the books to start the season. Yesterday in Groton was wiped out by what we thought for a while was going to be a big old nasty of a storm. The good news is there aren’t any meets scheduled for the rest of the week. They would be in doubt, too.
The next time the Tigers and Lady Tigers are scheduled to compete is Tuesday in Stephan for the Big Dakota Conference Meet. The home of the Crow Creek Chieftains was not beset by the storm and there is only a slight chance for a little snow there on Sunday. That means the BDC should go on as scheduled. Although, the winds are supposed to be howling that day.
Early-season track meets getting canceled because the South Dakota spring is slow to come around are nothing new.
Last year at this time I talked about how the seniors would be competing in their first ever Early Bird and Mobridge Rotary Relay meets. Well, they got the Early Bird in, but weather took the Rotary Relays out. Now, because the new track at Tiger Stadium is not complete, we have a second straight senior class who never got to run in the Rotary Relays.
That’s really nothing new. In fact, over the last 12 years, the Rotary Relays have been run a mere four times, and that includes three straight years from 2015 to 2017.
The Early Bird has had better weather despite being run a week earlier. The Early Bird was held every year from 2012 to 2017 before weather took it out in 2018 and ’19 and COVID took it away in 2020.
Remember 2013? That year, the weather was beautiful for the Early Bird. It wasn’t so nice after that. After five straight meets were snowed out, the team had to resort to running indoors at an impromptu meet at Northern State University. The team’s second outdoor meet of the season was in Spearfish the last week of April.
The weather has wreaked just as much havoc on the Lady Tigers trying to get their golf seasons going. Thursday’s meet is not going to happen so that means the team will start its season next Thursday when they host the Big Dakota Conference Tournament.
No early season struggles will ever top 2018 when the Lady Tigers’ only refuge from the snow was getting to use the golf simulator indoors, thanks to the generosity of Charlie and Becky Peacock.
Bad weather messing up the early spring sports schedule; I don’t like it and neither do you. At least we’re used to it.

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