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BALL FIVE: Here’s to the king

You ever have one of those days where your best laid plans just don’t work out?
Well, I’m having one this morning. There just weren’t enough sports pages to get everything reported. There are not stories about the area’s schools and their sports accomplishments this week. Sorry about that, but that is just the way it goes sometimes.
I was able to save just enough space to tell you all about a couple of plays made in the homecoming football game on Friday. They were two plays made by homecoming king, Jacob Steiger. Both of the plays came on extra point tries.
Steiger the Tiger is the holder for kicker Paul Mueller. Steiger’s first great play came on the Tigers’ second touchdown when he snared a snap that was high and inside. He pulled it down and set the ball perfectly. The second came on the last score when the snap made Steiger stand up to make the catch. Still standing, he set another perfect ball.
You all might have missed them, but I didn’t.
Hail to the king!