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BALL FIVE: Hot Tigers to square off against just as hot Braves

Things are looking pretty interesting in Region 6A since the Tigers took off on their five-game winning streak.
How things have changed for the Tigers. On Jan. 8, the team blew an 18-point lead against McLaughlin to fall to 4-6. Two days later, they trailed Crow Creek by 15 points at halftime. It looked like the Tigers were on their way toa fourth straight losing season.
And then came the second half of that Crow Creek game. The Tigers put 28 points on the board over the next eight minutes. They turned that 15-point deficit into an eight-point win and they haven’t looked back since. The next four games, wins over Standing Rock, McLaughlin, Chamberlain and Todd County, have been pretty one-sided. Well, not the second McLaughlin game. Games between the Tigers and Mustangs are rarely lopsided for one team. But the other three games the Tigers won by an average of 24 points, and all three were games that weren’t as close as the final score made them seem.
That brings us to Friday’s matchup with the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves in Eagle Butte. Well, it’s scheduled anyway. We’ll see if the weather allows a game to be played.
But if it is, this is the game of the year so far.
A lot is on the line.
Let’s start with the Braves being number one in the region with an 11-3 record and 43.561 seed points. The Tigers are third at 9-6 and 41.200 seed points. Chamberlain sits in second. The Cubs are 7-7 and have recently been thoroughly whipped by the Tigers, but they have a slight edge with 41.286 seed points.
Then we have a conference title to talk about. The Braves are 6-0 in the Big Dakota with just the Tigers to play. The Tigers are 4-1 with the Braves and Winner left to play. A Big Dakota title or co-title was not something that was talked about much for most of the season.
The Braves are going to be tough to beat. They are 11-3 on the season and have won eight of their last nine. Plus, they are 6-0 on their home court.
It’s going to be the Tigers toughest challenge of the season, but right now I would not bet against the hungry Tigers.