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BALL FIVE: Instant replay coming in an instant

All it took was that one game-ending snafu and just like that there will be instant replay in high school football and basketball games at the championship level.
At the Class AA Boys State Basketball Tournament in March, the Sioux Falls O’Gorman vs. Yankton semifinal game was decided by a last-second basket. However, on replay it was quite obvious the young man for O’Gorman who made the shot had not gotten it off before the final buzzer sounded.
The missed call by the officials was as plain as day, but what was done was done because there is no instant replay in South Dakota high school sports.
At least there wasn’t then.
The South Dakota High School Activities Association acted quickly. At their Monday meeting in Pierre, the board of directors approved the first reading of a couple proposals that will allow officials to use instant replay in football and basketball championship games.

I would guess that championship is going to mean all state tournament games in basketball, not just the title game itself.
The use of replay was described as severely limited, but more so in basketball than football.
The first reading explains its basketball use for last-second shots, determining if those shots were before or after the buzzer and if they were two- or three-point baskets.
Football could be a bit more extensive. In the final two minutes of the game or overtime, instant replay could be used to determine if a player was in bounds, if a catch or interception was made, when the ball is ruled dead in a loose ball situation, to determine the spot of the ball, to determine if a kick or pass was touched and if a call impacted the status of the clock.
I’ve never been a big instant replay guy because it is over-used way too often. Officials usually get calls right. But this is a big step for the SDHSAA and high school sports. The technology is there. Every young man and lady who grows up in sports knows more about the technology by the time they are 15 than I have been able to figure in my near 60 years of life. There will never be another youngster who grows up without. So put it to use at the high school level.
Solid move SDHSAA, solid move.