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Ball Five: It has been a trying few days for Tribune Webcasting

The loud screaming you have heard the last two weeks was the deafening roar of nothingness with Mobridge Tribune Webcasting. The last two weeks have been quite an odyssey, to say the least.
If you are an in-the-gym fan of the Tiger teams, maybe you haven’t noticed, but the stay-at-home and the out-of-town fans sure have.
Here’s the tale of our webcasting woes.
It all started the night the Lady Tigers were hosting Sully Buttes (actually we should have smelled something funny when the Rotary Classic games against Herreid/Selby Area could not be saved for archiving). I went to set up the IPad for the webcast and I was unable to even get into the contraption. It seems it had done an update (without my permission) that put the tablet computer on “Find My Phone” in the iCloud. Even with the help of our in-staff genius Kelsey, we could not get into the tablet. Every password and every ID we had, failed to work.
Turns out Verizon was never going to unlock it for us. Their reasoning had something to do with something but nothing to do with what makes sense to me.
Our next choice was to buy a new one. We needed an upgrade anyway, so we ordered an IPad Pro. With one day delivery, we thought we would be ready to go live on Thursday when Miller came to town. But no. It seems the 20-below temperatures we went through reached Wisconsin where they shut down the Interstates to semi travel. Our new tablet was not coming yet.
It did finally reach the Bridge City late Friday afternoon, but our office was closed and the delivery person failed to notice that our production was open in back and the delivery could have been made.
Then the delivery person (company names are being omitted to protect the innocent and probably me and the Tribune from a law suit) sent the Ipad back to the company.
Our next move was to get another one sent from Verizon on Monday morning.
It arrived on Tuesday and we thought we were all set up for last night’s game. Seems we weren’t. It turns out there is still some licensing work that has to be done before we can use roaming data. We did try running off the school’s internet and that worked for about five minutes and then the pinwheel of death reared its ugly little color pattern. After 10 minutes of futile trying, we had to give up.
We’re hoping this odyssey is coming to a conclusion today. Kelsey is in the office and doing her magic today. We plan to be ready to rock and roll for tomorrow night’s wrestling quadrangular.
But the way things have been going, I won’t guarantee anything.