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BALL FIVE: Lady Tigers having curious season

That was a nice win the Lady Tigers pulled off against the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves on Tuesday night.
It wasn’t that it was an impressive win over a really good team or anything like that. It was because it was a win, at night, on the long court.
Up until last night, the Lady Tigers had been having a different kind of season. Their first seven wins were all day games, to use a baseball vernacular.
Here’s how things have gone in what has been a curious first half of the season, to say the least.
The Lady Tigers started 0-4 before the Mobridge-Pollock Invitational. That day they upset number one seed Timber Lake, and went on to take second place. That gave the Lady Tigers an 0-4 record at night and a 2-1 record in the daytime.
They followed that up with a night loss, which led to the Big Dakota Conference Tournament where the Lady Tigers went 3-1 and took fourth place. Another successful tourney made them 0-5 at night and 5-2 during the day.
Next came losses to Winner and Lemmon, making it seven straight night losses. But that was followed up with the Central South Dakota Conference Tournament. It was Saturday and it was daytime. The Lady Tigers went in as the number seven seed, took down number two seed Faulkton Area in the first round and went on to take third place with two wins and one loss.
So, after 17 matches, the Lady Tigers were 0-7 in night matches and 7-3 in day matches.
Had they not put an end to their evening struggles last night, maybe it was going to be time to put a call in into the South Dakota High School Activities Association and see if the Lady Tigers could get the rest of the season rescheduled for all 10 a.m. starts.