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BALL FIVE: Lady Tigers must figure out who they are to start winning

With no Tiger football game on Friday, I took advantage of the change to see what the new North Border co-op football team looked like.
They are a good football team. They may even threaten running the table in the regular season.
But, I also came away with the idea that this is a team that doesn’t really know who it is yet. That’s understandable. Until August, North Border was the Eureka/Bowdle Patriots and the Leola/Frederick Titans. Merging physically takes agreements and paper-work. Merging mentally takes time. The Titans have time, because they have talent and talent overcomes a lot of mistakes. The players will get to know more and more about each other, their capabilities, their wants, needs and desires. The Titans have a chance to be quite an impressive football team by October.
That leads me to our Lady Tigers volleyball team. Folks, we have a team that needs to find out who it is. The girls lost a match last night that they should not have lost. When they were not making mistakes, they were clearly the better team. But, they were making mistakes, and a whole lot of them.
One thing should be for certain if you were in the gym last night, the Lady Tigers did not lose because they overlooked the Patriots, or because they were complacent, or because Eureka/Bowdle was better.
The Lady Tigers simply did not look like a group of young ladies who have figured out who they are and what kind of volleyball team they are.
The Lady Tigers were the aggressors all night. They attacked and attacked. The problem was that they tried too hard and accomplished too little. The girls were trying to play with the all-attack mode the team has been playing in the past.
But, the team does not have a girl 6-feet tall. They don’t have 5’11” or 5’10” or 5’9” for that matter. One or two or three inches means a lot in this game and that is where they need learn who they are.
It may take some time. Getting to know one another, each other’s strengths, and the best way to bring them out, does not happen overnight. Getting used to playing against taller opponents night in and night out takes time, too.
In high school volleyball you don’t always have to have your team identity in early September. The postseason doesn’t come until Halloween. This group of Lady Tigers is smart and hard-working. They’ll figure it out.