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BALL FIVE: New, improved Denny Palmer is great move

Kudos have to go out to everyone who works behind the scenes to make the Denny Palmer Memorial Walleye Classic as success.
Making it a two-day day tournament and moving weigh-in headquarters to downtown are exemplary moves.
The move to holding weigh-ins at Scherr-Howe Event Center is the best move made. I say that quite selfishly. You can tell by the abundance of walleyes featured on the sports pages.
Now, I’m not saying that holding the weigh-ins at Indian Creek was bad, but Bridge City Marina was just too crowded for getting the anglers to get fish pictures taken. The marina was an excellent place to spend an early-summer afternoon, but the landscape is not built for easy viewing or easy working. I was told by the folks running the weigh-ins they were very happy with the new set-up, too. More room equals easier mobility for everyone involved.
Plus, it brings all the excitement of our annual tourney to the middle of town. Some folks around here will tell you that all things Mobridge should be centered around the center of town.
Getting the anglers to Scherr-Howe for weigh-ins is a pretty good place to start.
This being a two-day affair, the number of fish taken from Lake Oahe is naturally twice as many as in years past. My results do not have the number of fish taken on Friday and Saturday, but the total weight is a pretty big number. The 97 teams in the tournament combined to catch 1,896 pounds of walleye. Friday was the big day when 1,047 pounds were brought to the weigh-ins. Saturday’s number was nearly 200 pounds less at 849.
Don’t try this at home, folks, and don’t use my numbers as exact. My math and calculator skills are not up to snuff as to where I could ever be the top girl in the steno pool.
My numbers may be inexact, but they are pretty darned close. Day one was a big day. Last year’s tourney had a one-day total of a bit less than 1,000 pounds. Although fishing wasn’t as hot on Saturday, some of that was due to the teams at the tail end of the standings. Sometimes when you are way behind, you turn into a bit of a giver-upper and sometimes you chuck your game plan and just go for the whopper that will make your weekend.
From the way things played out this year to the way it was handled, it looks to me like things are upward and onward for the Denny Palmer.