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BALL FIVE: Payback finally happens

It was actually pretty casual for most of three quarters. The Vikings were dominating the New Orleans Saints with their smothering defense and getting just enough done to eat up clock on every offensive possession.
But then things changed.
Suddenly, the Vikings’ 17-0 lead was gone and with 3:01 left, they trailed 21-20 and then with 1:29 left they led 23-21 and then with 25 seconds left they trailed 24-23.
And then it was third and 10 from their own 39 with just 10 seconds to go with no time outs.
The game was probably over when the Vikings ran a play called 7 Heaven. Case Keenum launched a ball down the sideline toward Stefon Diggs. Diggs jumped high and caught the ball. Somehow Saints’ defensive back Marcus Williams whiffed when he tried to knock Diggs down in bounds, thus ending the game. Diggs turned, put his hand to the turf to catch his balance and ran untouched to the end zone, giving the Vikings the most-improbable win in team history, if not in the history of the NFL postseason.
And God looked down and nodded in approval. He said to himself, “You know Saints, in 2010 you won the Super Bowl. New Orleans needed you. The city and beyond were still in the throes of Hurricane Katrina. Nothing could have been better than the Saints becoming Super Bowl champions. But, you used some dirty play to achieve that goal. A lot of that happened in your 31-28 overtime win over the Vikings in the NFC championship game. So, this ending, this dramatic, fairytale win for the Vikings, well, I guess that takes care of the whole Bountygate thing.”