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BALL FIVE: Postseason came up on us in a hurry

Man, it’s been a long winter. On the other hand, how could the winter sports season be so short? We are starting the postseason far too quickly for me.
The wrestlers get the party started at the Region 4B Wrestling Tournament in Hill City on Saturday. That means we’re are just a week and half away from the state tournament.
The Tigers haven’t had the season they were all looking for. There have been too many injuries, too much illness and too much youth for the team to have spent much time at the top of many podiums.
On the other hand, senior Jacob Steiger is about to embark on his last postseason. Steiger the Tiger has had one of the most win-filled, hardware-laden careers of any Tigers in the program’s history. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us the next two weeks.
While I am always cheering for everyone’s success, there are two more seniors who get to earn their first trips to the state tournament. There will be three if Tucker Holzer’s knee makes a miraculous recovery this week. But back to the two who are sure to be on the mat, Joshua Norder and Kyler Pearman can create the crowning achievements of the careers, first on Saturday and then at state. Get it done boys. You have a ton of people pulling for you.
Basketball’s postseason is just a week and half away for us, but it starts soon at the Class B level. Class B girls get to next week with first round region action tipping off on Monday. The Class A girls and Class B boys start region play on March 2 and Class A boys start on March 3.
Way back in 1997 when I started writing sports for the Tribune, I said I would never throw a player, a coach, a parent, a fan, anyone for that matter, under the bus.
Well, a young man threw himself under the bus this weekend. His penance will be paid. Don’t worry about that. Many of us in Mobridge and all around the state for that matter are pretty angry about the young man’s words. They were spiteful and racist. The young man will get his comeuppance. His entire future was changed the minute he decided his racist rant should be put out there for the world to see. Furthering his education will now be difficult at best. Any academic or athletic scholarships were thrown out the window. There will be a lot of schools who will just say no to even accepting him on their campus.
We can only hope the young man can change his life after this and turn into a positive, productive member of the human race.