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BALL FIVE: Saints fan taking no-call complaint all the way to the courts

Some things are hard to get over.
Whether you are fan of either the New Orleans Saints or the Los Angeles Rams, you remember the famous no-call late in the fourth quarter of the NFC championship game, I’m sure.
If you don’t, the Saints were driving down the field looking for the go-ahead touchdown when Saints quarterback Drew Brees lofted a wheel route pass to TommyLee Lewis. Before the ball got to the wide receiver, Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman delivered a blow to Lewis that came not only before the ball got there but was also delivered high and made contact to the helmet.
Amazingly, no flag was thrown. All of Saintsdom has been up in arms ever since. As August comes upon us, they are not over it.
A New Orleans attorney, Antonio LeMon, has filed a lawsuit over the whole ordeal. Now a Louisiana judge, an obvious Saints fan, has ordered that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and three officials from the game to be questioned under oath about the infamous call.
The lawsuit alleges fraud by the NFL officials. I could see where he could be alleging gross negligence or mis-conduct. But mostly it’s just LeMon saying that all of New Orleans, all of Louisiana, all of Saintsdom is butt hurt and we need some kind of closure.
LeMon is seeking $75,000 in damages, which will be donated to charity if he wins the lawsuit. It sounds like the money would go to former Saints star Steve Gleason’s charity for the fight against neuromuscular disease.
While the NFL does have options, an appeal could postpone or even cancel the questioning, Judge Nicole Sheppard, of New Orleans, has ruled that the lawsuit can proceed, and that LeMon can request documents and ask questions of the officials.
I doubt this will ever actually go anywhere. There have been other suits filed. Some have made it to federal court and have failed there. That’s where LeMon is doing something smart. He lawsuit is worded in way that will keep the suit from going to federal court. Part of that is the small dollar amount in the damages.
If this does get to court, things could get very weird. The implications would suddenly go into the “how does this effect all of sports” realm.
One thing the lawsuit will not cover is the fact that the Saints had that possession and two more in the fourth quarter and overtime but were not able to win the game when the officials were not missing a call. Of course, that part of the equation never comes up in any Saints fan’s conversation.
My guess it that here’s what’s going to come from the whole thing. LeMon is going to be a hero in Saints history. Whenever he is thirsty or hungry in New Orleans for rest of his life, he will drink and he will eat for free.