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BALL FIVE: Snow has caused some scrambling by teams to get schedule complete

The winter of our shoveling discontent hasn’t been as hard on the Tiger and Lady Tigers basketball schedules as it has been on some teams around the state.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers will each (barring another storm) end their regular seasons before Saturday, which is an extension day the SDHSAA gave teams to get all, or at least more of their games played.

No one has more of a scramble ending than the Mustangs and Lady Mustangs of McLaughlin. The Mustangs host Miller on Thursday, go to Chamberlain on Friday and return home to host Little Wound on Saturday. The Lady Mustangs  are playing at Pine Ridge tonight (Wednesday) along with the Miller and Chamberlain games.

There are a ton of teams playing three games this week to get to 19 or 20 games. The Sisseton boys are settling for an 18-game season. With three games this week, the Miller girls are playing six games in 11 days to end the season.

There are more heavy-ended schedules around the state, let’s skip ahead to what the postseason is going to be like this year. The 2019 Class A state tournaments will be played simultaneously this year in Sioux Falls so the regions will have a completely different format than parents and fans have ever had to follow before.

The girls will play their two rounds of Region 6A on Monday and Thursday, while the boys will play their Region 6A games on Tuesday and Friday. The girls’ SoDak 16 games will be played Monday, March 4, while the boys’ SoDak 16 games will be played Tuesday, March 5.

The state tournaments are going to be a mishmash of games played between the PREMIER Center and Sioux Falls Arena on March 14 through 16. That’s too far away to explain right now.

If one of our teams is lucky enough to gain entry into the state tournament, that’s when I’ll try and explain how that’s all going to work.

For now, let’s just hope another “snow event,” as the weathermen like to call them, doesn’t hit us and make a mess out of the postseason schedule.

First things first, the Tigers sit third in Region 6A as we speak. Things could change by the weekend, but it looks like they will end up second or third. Let’s hope for either of those finishes, because that means there will be home playoff basketball here on Tuesday.