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BALL FIVE: Softball, baseball teams have opposite endings

The summer ball season ended with a bang for girls this weekend, but not so much for the boys.
Mobridge can say it is home to a national champion after the girls’ 12-and-under team dominated the competition at the USA 2019 Slow Pitch Girls’ National Championship in Sioux Falls this weekend. And I mean dominated. The young Lady Tigers outscored their opponents 95-15. That’s a whole lot of crossing home plate.
I can’t tell you much about the tournament. Coaches Heather and Andrew Overland are out of town and we haven’t been able to get in touch to hammer out the details. I can tell you this though. Two weeks ago in the state tournament they were beaten twice by state champion Watertown Blaze. Judging by the final tally of runs, Watertown did not stand a chance with the national championship on the line. Watertown Blaze did take second, but our local girls got the last laugh.
Congratulations, national champions.
The 15-16 Teeners did not have nearly as much fun at the SD VFW Baseball 2019 16U State Tournament in Dakota Valley. The boys never got their sticks going in a pair of losses. Six hits in two days just isn’t going to get a team to Sunday and a chance for win a trophy. The teams they lost to, West Central and Volga, did go on to take third and the consolation title, respectively. They were very good baseball teams. Teams that the Mobridge boys were capable of beating, but very good baseball teams.
Coach Corey Eisemann said the team has been anxious at the plate the entire postseason. In the old days when bats were still made of ash, if a batter was overanxious at the plate the saying was that he was gripping the bat so tight there was sawdust in the batter’s box. You can’t have such a colorful description anymore, but you still have to relax and let the pitcher make a mistake you can hit real hard.
For both teams, the time to feel the jubilation of success and disappointment of defeat will be short lived. Fall sports are right around the corner.
New mountains to climb, kids,