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BALL FIVE: Super Bowl is top commercial success of all time

I saw a poll this morning that claimed nearly half of Americans are not interested in the Super Bowl. I couldn’t tell if it was a negative campaign or just a misleading number, because the first thing I thought was, “Holy Cow. More than half of America is in interested in the game!”
Actually, the poll surveyed a whopping 2,321 registered voters nationwide. During the last election, 131.4 million people voted, so that’s a pretty small sample size.
It still shows the power of the Super Bowl. With all the glamour, the glitz, the parties, the food, the adult beverages, the gambling, and oh ya, the game, Super Bowl Sunday has got to rank as the most successful commercial success in the history of commercial successes.
As for the game, the poll said that about one in three people will be cheering for the Los Angeles Rams and 20 percent will cheer for the New England Patriots, while 44 percent say they do not care who wins. Really? The poll claims more than half of America cares about the game, but nearly half don’t have a team to root for? The poll must have been made among people who have one heck of a good party planned.
But then again, I’m one of those 44 percent. That’s because for the 42nd year in a row, the Vikings are not playing in the game. I’m not the guy who has a second favorite team. I like the Vikings and everyone else stinks.
I can’t really cheer for the Rams. When I was in my youth and the NFL was a lot smaller world, the Rams were always the team the Vikings had to beat. In fact, the Vikings beat the Rams in the playoffs during every one of their Super Bowl runs. Then the Rams beat the Vikings in the 1978 playoffs to end the run.
I can’t cheer for the Patriots, either. They have enough fans, enough success, enough Super Bowl glory for every team in the NFL. Besides, the Patriots used to have this cool helmet with a Revolutionary War soldier/patriot playing the center position. Now they have a corporate logo.
I’ve probably told you all this before, but what I’m cheering for is fourth-quarter drama. I want to see a game where the team that has the ball last is behind looking to score the game-winning points.
A close game with a dramatic ending. That’s all I ask, and maybe some spicy wings and an adult beverage.