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BALL FIVE: Tigers earned significant win on Friday

Unless you have been a devoted follower of Mobridge-Pollock football, you cannot understand the significance of Friday night’s win at Sisseton.
This group of Tigers has been trying to learn how to win an important game for a couple of years now. It’s not that easy to do. Learning to win games against quality programs with winning traditions takes supreme effort. The Tigers came up an extra point short against Aberdeen Roncalli and the lost road games in Ft. Pierre and Groton (both teams’ homecoming games). The three losses were by a total of 11 points. All three were winnable, but the Tigers came up just short.
That did not happen in Sisseton. Never mind that the Redmen have a 2-5 record with one game to play, they were a very good football team. The Tigers had lost eight in a row to Sisseton, including our own homecoming game last year. No one in Sisseton expected the Tigers to walk onto the artificial surface field in Sisseton and then walk off with a win. I’ve heard from our fans that Sisseton folks in the bleachers were none too pleased about seeing the Redmen lose to the Tigers for the first time since 1995.
What that win means, barring an unforeseen event happening on Friday, is that the Tigers will get a rematch with Aberdeen Roncalli in the first round of the playoffs. The Tigers’ 19-18 loss to the Cavaliers in the third week of the season is still a crystal clear, bitter memory for the team. From what I have gathered, there is no one else they would rather be playing next week. The game will most probably be in Aberdeen. The Cavaliers are done with their regular season and stand at 4-4 with 40 power points. The Tigers need to beat McLaughlin to get to 4-4. They have 39 power points. One full point is too much ground to make up, unless nearly every single game in the rest of the state goes our way.
First things first of course, the Tigers have to take care of business and beat the Mustangs on Friday. Then it’s off to Aberdeen for another game on artificial surface against another team and fan base that are expecting their home team to win. Let’s hope that sometime around 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 19, the good folks of Aberdeen are none too pleased about the outcome of their game either.