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BALL FIVE: Tigers, Lady Tigers prepping indoors for outdoor sports

There hasn’t been much proof on the outside, but on the inside the Tigers and Lady Tigers have been doing what they can to get ready for the upcoming track and golf seasons.
Track coach Cody Stotz said the team has been doing what it can to get prepared for running, but what they haven’t been doing is a lot of running. They have been doing a lot of work in the weight room, working on strength and core muscles.
“We’re just building our muscles,” said Stotz, “concentrating on the ones used in track. Plus, we’ve been doing a lot of dynamic stretching.”
They are itching to get on the track, but the big problem there is simply getting inside Tiger Stadium. The snow is melting, leaving deep mud all around the facility.
Stotz said they might just have to have the team bring their galoshes and slog through the quagmire.
“It would be nice if we can get out there this week,” said Stotz.There are nearly 50 varsity athletes out for track this year. There are 100 more at the middle school level.
“The distance runners will be fine,” said Stotz. “I’m more worried about the sprints.”
The annual early bird set for tomorrow (Thursday) has quite obviously been cancelled. The team might be in competition next week. The Rob Luecke Invitational in Groton is scheduled for Tuesday and the Mobridge Rotary/Tiger Relays are on the slate for next Friday. Stotz is not sure either can happen. As of two days ago, Groton still had a lot of snow to melt. As for the Rotary/Tiger Relays, maybe, just maybe, but don’t bet on it.
Stotz predicts the Tigers will be opening the season on April 16 at the Big Dakota Conference Meet in Chamberlain.
The Lady Tiger golfers have been getting their swings in on Charles and Becky Peacock’s golf simulator.
“Thank goodness for the Peacocks,” said coach Jason Weisbeck.
Oahe Hills is more dependent on Mother Nature than the track so when the girls can start playing for real is up in the air.
Weisbeck and his dozen Lady Tigers do hope to at least use the driving range on Thursday. He hopes they can start walking a few holes soon, but said on Tuesday that there was still a five-foot snow bank on the fifth fairway.
There are some golf courses in the southern part of the state that are open, but in the northern half of the state? Not so much. Weisbeck said that Hillsview Golf Course in Pierre, where the Lady Tigers are supposed to play four times this spring, won’t be ready for a while. He is hoping it will be ready in time for the Big Dakota Conference Meet on April 18.
As for the home golf dates on April 11 and 15, they aren’t happening.
“We might have to rearrange the schedule,” said Weisbeck.
It’s been one long winter, but spring is in the air. Temperatures are supposed to soar into the 60s from Friday through Monday. Two good weeks of weather and we’ll have spring sports. At least I hope so.