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BALL FIVE: Tigers taking well to late spring

Despite the track team having to leave town with snow hitting the bus on Tuesday morning, it looks like spring is finally here. Hey, it’s only a month late. That’s not too bad.
Our Tiger and Lady Tiger athletes seem to be taking to the late spring pretty well, and pretty quickly.
The Lady Tigers took the golf course in Chamberlain by storm on Monday. I have to tell you, though, it is going to be some kind of race for Region 3A supremacy this year. The Lady Tigers won this one, but with only nine strokes separating Mobridge-Pollock, Chamberlain and Winner, these three teams could meet twice a week and have a different team champion every time. Add the always-powerful Parkston to the mix and the Region 3A tournament in Mitchell is going to be a battle to watch in late May.
The track team is young, but there are some good ones on the track and in the pits. I haven’t had time to go through everything from Groton with a fine-tooth comb, but when I do, there are going to be quite a few PRs (personal records) set. As the weather warms, the times are going to get faster, the distances farther and the heights higher.