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Ball Five: Tribune webcasts partner with Sports Ticket Live

We at the Mobridge Tribune are excited to announce that we are taking a huge step forward in the live streaming of Mobridge-Pollock sports. When the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves come to town on Tuesday, we will be broadcasting as part of the Sports Ticket Live family of webcasts.
This is more than one step up from the live webcasts we have been able to produce in the past. Gone is the IPad. The games will now be produced with video cameras onto a computer for better picture, better sound and an overall better production. There will even be a scoreboard on the screen.
Sports Ticket Live has been around for a few years. You may best recognize the product if you have watched any of the Tigers’ road games in Winner. Recently you may have watched the Mid Dakota Monster wrestling tournament. Winner’s games are on Winner Warriors Live. Lyman’s games are on Lyman Raiders live.
The product is excellent. The video is clear, the sound is crisp. The pinwheel of death rarely spins.
The Tiger games will be at GoTigers Live, but you won’t have to look for the website. Finding games will stay the same. Go to, click on videos and live sports and you will arrive at your destination.
Tribune general manager Linda Meyer said she is looking forward to our new partnership with Sports Ticket Live.
Most Tiger fans will want to be in the gym on Tuesday, but for those who can’t, “You can tell all your friends and relatives about the exciting new production of Tiger sports,” said Meyer.
Jody Brozik of Winner is the driving force behind Sports Ticket Live. His vision is to have all of South Dakota high school sports live from every gym in the state.
With the Tribune joining in, his vision is one step closer to becoming a reality.