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BALL FIVE: Ya, that’s a record

Those of you who have been reading this column for the past 20 years know I have a love for Tiger sports history. Delving into records is a day well-spent.
Well, I’m not doing any digging into the latest record.
The Tigers played the 823rd game in their long and illustrious history on Friday and you can bet your bottom dollar no one has ever had a 101-yard interception return for a touchdown before Reese Cerney pulled off the feat on Friday. In fact, I double-dog dare anyone to claim they had a longer one. While the Tigers did reel off some unreal numbers back in the 1920s, I don’t think anyone player ever had a play that even approached 100 yards, be it an offensive, defensive or special teams player.
The longest interception return in my memory bank came during my senior year, the 1976 season. That was also a game against the Pheasants. In that game, George Faehnrich picked off a Redfield pass and went 90 yards into the end zone to help seal a 14-0 win over the Pheasants. I can still see Dirty George racing down the field, head tilted back, legs churning his way to the end zone.
On a side note, I had an interception return that season, too. It went for somewhere between two and three yards. It’s not a record.
Cherish the play from Friday night, Tigers. My memory is 42 years old. It still plays out when old-time Tigers like me get together and relive the glory years. Forty years from now, you all are still going to love retelling Reese’s 101-yard touchdown to beat the dreaded Pheasants.
The NFL is having a lot of trouble with confusing penalty flags all of the sudden as the league tries to define just what is and what isn’t a legal hit. Fans, players and coaches are all dumbfounded about a lot of calls that have been made in the preseason. Don’t fret about it, they will get in figured out. Let’s just hope the figuring