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Big Zs Mod Squad earns Mad Dog award

The 24th annual Mobridge Demolition Derby thrilled the crowd Saturday, Aug. 5 with mud flying and engines roaring.

Local Mobridge team Big Zs Mod Squad took home second place. Team members included Derrick Orth, Mike Duenwald, Joe Lehman and Chad Schroeder.

The Big Zs Mod Squad didn’t disappoint and brought home the Mad Dog Award, an award given to the most aggressive drivers in the competition.

The Agitators of Nebraska edged the Mobridge team out of first place and won the championship. Team members included Dustin Fischer, Billy Morrow, Schyler McClain, and Shane Rippen.

Teams consisted of four team members with matching cars. Competitors had to follow specific regulations and rules. The last car running was the winner of each round. As the teams competed in later rounds, cars would stop working and eventually a team may only be competing with two instead of the original four. It lent to the excitement of what would happen.

The derby also had a limited build class, in which individuals competed against each other. Derrick Orth of Mobridge brought home the gold with his first-place finish. Jace Lipp, also of Mobridge, smashed his way into second place. Third went to Natasha Sandland of Milbank.

Even young children got involved and were able to have their own miniature derby during one of the breaks.

The derby will return next year with its 25th anniversary and the Mobridge Derby Association is planning a bigger and better event.

2017 Mobridge Demolition Derby Results

Team Event:

1st place: The Agitators of Nebraska, #30 Dustin Fischer, #103 Billy Morrow, #MC3 Schyler McClain and #93 Shane Rippen.

2nd place: Big Zs Mod Squad of Mobridge, #34 Derrick Orth, #57 Mike Duenwald, #1350R Joe Lehman and #619 Chad Schroeder.

3rd place: Team Muff of Bowdle and LaMour, N.D., #31 Dylan Rohrback, #72 Boar Christensen, #308 Jeremy Schlechter and #77 Jake Hanson.

4th place: Heavy Impact of Tolstoy, #08 Ryan Sandve, #WFO Kurt Himanga, #4326 Houston Forsting and #JT25 Jeremy Timm.

Mad Dog Award: Big Zs Mod Squad

B Bracket 1st place: Heavy Impact

B Bracket 2nd place: Let the Sparks Fly

B Bracket Mad Dog Award: Heavy Impact

Limited Build Class:

1st place: Derrick Orth, Mobridge.

2nd place: Jace Lipp, Mobridge.

3rd place: Natasha Sandland, Milbank.