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Briggs continues tradition of cooking for family, friends

Cooking has had a major role in her life for as long a Lisa Briggs can remember. It started with her grandfather, a bar and restaurant owner in Kellogg , Minn., and carried on through her mother, Lorrie Rhiem, to Lisa and now her children.
“My grandfather used to say, if you want to make friends, cook,” said Lisa.
Lisa was born in Kellogg, but spent much of her childhood in Mobridge.
She is the manager of the Mobridge Pizza Ranch and although the job takes a lot of her time, she said she really loves working at the business.
“We have a really great crew,” she said. “I love getting to meet all the different people and making friends.”
She has been with the business for five years and said the only drawback is not getting to spend enough time with her two grandchildren.
She is married to Richard Briggs and has four children, two grown boys, Harley Morrison and Dolton Howell and two daughters, Kylie and Shaeley Dupris, who are both attending Mobridge-Pollock High School. She has two brothers; Randy Morrison, who works in Washington D.C., and Tony Utter who lives and works in Aberdeen.
Lisa learned to cook from her grandpa and her mom and started at a young age.
“I was seven years old when mom let me make macaroni and cheese by myself,” she said. “She sat at the table and I think about had a heart attack but she let me do it by myself.”
Her mom was a great cook and was part of the Mobridge restaurant family for years working at the Windjammer. Lisa remembers that she loved to cook and played music and danced while she cooked, especially around Christmas when the kitchen was filled with cookies, candies and other sweets.
She also learned to love to fish from her mom.
“Fishing was really big in my family. My husband and I just bought our first boat,” she said. “Mom always made the best broiled fish. I try but I just can’t make it the same.”
So Sundays, when she can, she is out on the water. When the weather turns cold, it is football Sunday and cooking for the games. Lisa said she goes all out and that means wings, kabobs and her spicy onion burgers.
When they were young, her kids loved spaghetti. So much so that Lisa began to hate making it. As they grew, so did their tastes. They love her blueberry cheesecake, chicken alfredo and Indian tacos.
The family gets together as often as they can and those get togethers revolve around food.
“I know when my boys come calling for mom, it means home cooking,” she laughed. “There is just something special about sharing food with family and friends.”
Lisa has passed the love of cooking on to her children and says her daughter, Shealey, who is 17, has the makings of a great cook.
“She looks a lot like my mom when she is cooking,” Lisa said.

Lisa Briggs’ Recipes

Chicken Alfredo
2 packages Lipton alfredo noodles
4 chicken breasts
Cook the noodles according to the package. Boil chicken breasts. After fully cooked, cut into small sections and add breasts to noodles. May add broccoli if desired.

Broiled Fish
Fish fillets (any fresh fish will do but walleye is preferred.)
Lemon pepper
Sliced mushrooms
Lay out the fish fillets on a broiler pan. On each fillet add two thin slices of butter. Sprinkler with lemon pepper. Top with sliced mushrooms. Broil in oven until fillets are nice and fluffy.

Spicy Onion Burgers
3 lbs. hamburger
1 package French onion soup mix (mixed with a 1/2 cup water)
1/2 cup finely diced jalapenos
1 bag shredded taco cheese
In a large bowl mix hamburger and onion soup. Add jalapenos and cheese to hamburger mix. Patty the hamburger and grill or cook on stove top until cooked through.

Tuna Casserole
2 cans of buttermilk biscuits
2 large cans of tuna
1 onion, diced
8 slices of American cheese
1 1/2 cups cooked macaroni
Butter the bottom of a cake pan. Lay uncooked biscuits on bottom of pan. Mix together cooked noodles, tuna and diced onion. Spread tuna mixture over biscuits and top with cheese slices. Put other can of biscuits on top of cheese. Cover with foil and bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.